Liturgy for the Feast of the Holy Family
For 4th December 2022
Introduction:Today, we celebrate our parish Feast of the Holy Family. We pray for each and every parishioner, our families, SCCs and associations that we may grow to be a Family of Families by 'Walking together' in Communion, Participation and being a more inclusive church were no one is left out, esp the poor, the lonely and the sick.

Prayer of the faithful
Celebrant : Today is the Second Sunday of Advent. Let us place our petitions before the Lord saying,

Response : Loving Father, hear our prayer.

  1. That our Holy Father, the bishops, the priests and the religious may be living icons of God's soothing presence in this troubled times, we pray to the Lord .... Response

  2. That God may bless abundantly our Parish priest Fr. Gerard Rodricks and his team and all the priests who have served in this parish, we pray to the Lord .... Response

  3. That our SCC's, Associations, Animators and donors be blessed for working together in the many events of our parish, we pray to the Lord .... Response

  4. That God may bless abundantly all the families of our Parish and also the families of those who are employed in our Parish, we pray to the Lord .... Response

(Pray for community and personal needs.... we pray to the Lord....)

Celebrant : Lord give us the grace that we may be always watchful and vigilant and prepare ourselves to welcome our lord and saviour, we make this prayer to Christ our Lord. Amen.