Prayer of the Faithful
For 18th February 2024

Celebrant : On this First Sunday of Lent, we are reminded of the battle between the powers of good and evil. Let us pray for the grace to live as true sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, saying,

Response : Lord, transform our lives.

  1. For the Church which is the bride of Christ, that she may with all her shepherds, experience the power of God to overcome every storm, every temptation and every struggle, we pray to the Lord .... Response
  2. We pray for peace and harmony: that the innocent might be shielded from harm and that nationalistic aggression, abusive power and self-justifying violence might cease, we pray to the Lord .... Response
  3. We pray for wisdom for those who are destroying wetlands: may they understand that wetlands contribute to flood protection and biodiversity which are essential for human health and prosperity, we pray to the Lord .... Response
  4. We pray for humility and compassion for those in power that they may understand the struggles and pain of our farmers and try to resolve their issues, we pray to the Lord .... Response
  5. For all our people that they may experience the power of God to overcome temptations and be conquerors in today's materialistic and consumerist world, we pray to the Lord .... Response

(Pray for community and personal needs.... we pray to the Lord....)

Celebrant : Lord, we thank you for hearing our prayers and granting our genuine needs. We ask you to empower us with your Spirit to conquer our evil inclinations and persevere in our Christian witnessing; we make this prayer to Christ our Lord. Amen.