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Prayer of the Faithful
JUNE 16, 2019

Celebrant : Let us now place our petitions before the triune God, saying,

Response : O Blessed Trinity, come to our assistance.

  1. That Pope, the bishops, the clergy and the religious may work in unity like the Holy Trinity, which is the epitome of the virtuous living, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  2. That the merciless atrocities committed against the innocent and defenceless may be eradicated from human society through the mercy of God, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  3. That as the basic unit of human society, our families like the Trinity may live in Unity and encourage and support each other in Joy, happiness and fulfilment in life, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  4. That our Parish, SCC's, Associations and cells may work together guided and blessed by the Holy Trinity, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  5. That those suffering under the heat of this season, especially in draught affected areas may soon be relieved with a good monsoon, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

(Pray for community and personal needs... we pray to the Lord)

Celebrant : God our Father, we thank you for your immense love, Give us the grace that we may pursue our goals through hard work, sincerity of heart and genuine fellowship; we make this prayer through Christ our Lord.     Amen.