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Prayer of the Faithful
APRIL 15, 2018

Celebrant : Let us pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, who will make us courageous witnesses of the risen lord, saying,

Response : Lord, make us courageous witnesses.

  1. That the Pope, the bishops, the priests, and the religious may proclaim the message of Christ without fear or favour, we pray to the lord .....

  2. That every baptised Christian may spread the message of the gospel not just by words but by their deeds, we pray to the lord .....

  3. That we may voice our opinion on the injustice happening in our society, we pray to the lord .....

  4. That, we may become aware of the destructive effects of plastic on our common home and choose more eco-friendly alternatives, we pray to the lord .....

  5. That all of us may cultivate the habit of reading and reflecting on the word of God, we pray to the lord .....

    (Pray for community and personal needs)

Celebrant : God our father, we thank you for your son Jesus who suffered and rose again from death. Make us worthy witnesses of our risen lord, we make this prayer through Christ our lord.     Amen.