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Prayer of the Faithful
FEBRUARY 23, 2020

Celebrant : Jesus has taught us to love even our enemies and help everyone in need. Let us now place our petitions before God our Father, saying,

Response : Lord, help us to love all and hate none.

  1. We pray for our Pope, bishops, the clergy and the religious that they may work towards the spiritual advancement of the people, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  2. That prejudices and feelings of revenge may be removed from our minds and substituted by compassion and charity, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  3. That we may not be passive onlookers to injustice happening in our society but come forward to uphold the rights of the marginalised and victimised, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  4. We continue to pray for those affected by the corona virus and also for those who are committed to contain its spread, we pray to the lord ..... Response

  5. That as we begin our Season of Lent, we may learn from Jesus that when we are faced with challenging situations we may stand firm on the teachings and example of Jesus, we pray to the lord ..... Response

(Pray for community and personal needs ... we pray to the Lord)

Celebrant : God our Father we thank you for the gift of your son Jesus who taught us to cultivate love for all. Help us to seek after the holiness of life essential to be admitted to your presence, we make this prayer to Christ our Lord.     Amen.