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Prayer of the Faithful
APRIL 21, 2019

Celebrant : Let us pray that rekindled by the Easter faith we may become messengers of God, saying,

Response : Lord, hear our prayer.

  1. That the Pope, the bishops, the priests, and the religious may faithfully proclaim Christ who died and rose from the dead, we pray to the lord ..... Response

  2. That those who face challenging situations in life may look up to the risen lord and find faith and strength in him, we pray to the lord ..... Response

  3. That we may elect leaders for our country who will govern us with justice, liberty, equality and fraternity, we pray to the lord ..... Response

  4. That mediums of communication such as the internet, television newspaper and others may foster greater unity and solidarity among the people, we pray to the lord ..... Response

  5. That all of us present at this Eucharistic assembly and enlightened by this Easter celebration may live our faith under the protective gaze of the Lord Jesus who died and rose for us, we pray to the lord ..... Response

(Pray for community and personal needs, we specially pray for the General Elections in our country)

Celebrant : God our father, you raised your son Jesus and made him our saviour and Lord. Seated at your right hand he directs the mission of the church on the Earth. Grant us the grace that we may become living witnesses of the risen Lord. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.     Amen.