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Prayer of the Faithful
DECEMBER 09, 2018

Celebrant : As we near the event of the arrival of our Lord and Saviour, let us place our petitions before the Lord saying,

Response : Lord, hear our prayer.

  1. That the Pope the bishops the clergy and the religious may prepare people for the celebration of the birth of Jesus through the season of advent, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  2. That this advent may be a special season of grace which the Lord keeps pouring into our hearts we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  3. That world leaders may work towards peace and harmony in the world, we pray to the lord ..... Response

  4. That God may bless abundantly all the fathers and Sisters who are currently in Infirmaries in different places, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  5. That there may be freedom of speech and expression in our country, and that freedom of religion and other fundamental rights may be respected, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  6. We thank God for the wonderful jubilee celebration that we had last weekend. We pray for all our participants and parishioners, may God continue to bless them abundantly, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

Celebrant : Lord, give us the grace that through the Faithful observance of advent we will prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ, we make this prayer to Christ our Lord.     Amen.