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Prayer of the Faithful
AUGUST 25, 2019

Celebrant : Let us pray that we may become beneficiaries of the work Jesus accomplished, saying,

Response : Lord, watch over us and save us

  1. We pray for our Pope, bishops, clergy and religious, that as leaders of the Church they may guide the people in the way of salvation, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  2. That the heavenly Father may protect those affected by the floods in different parts of our country, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  3. That the consecrated people by dedicating their lives to prayer and work may actualize the mission of Jesus who has called them, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  4. That we may work towards our own salvation by following the footsteps of Jesus our Master, the Way, the Truth and the Life, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  5. That all of us present in this Eucharistic assembly may work towards our eternal reward, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

(Pray for community and personal needs... especially for places that are affected by heavy rain and flooding... we pray to the Lord)

Celebrant : Abba Father we thank you for the gift of your son Jesus who told us to work for our salvation, Give us the grace that at the appointed time we too may find ourselves in the company of the countless number of people who have done your will and enjoy your gracious presence; we make this prayer through Christ our Lord.     Amen.