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Prayer of the Faithful
NOVEMBER 17, 2019

Celebrant : Let us pray for the grace that amidst all difficulties we may continue to hold fast to our faith, saying,

Response : Lord, make us your worthy witnesses.

  1. For our Holy Father Pope Francis, the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests that as leaders in the Church they may bear witness to Christ amidst all trials and difficulties, we pray to you O Lord ..... Response

  2. We pray for our State of Maharashtra. May we form a government soon. A government that will work for the betterment of all citizens and specially the downtrodden, we pray to you O Lord ..... Response

  3. For writers and journalists that they may not distort facts and figures but give correct information about what is happening in the world as they report about it, we pray to you O Lord ..... Response

  4. Nearly every day we hear of Natural Calamities - Pollution, Floods, Fires, hurricanes, snow storms and the death and disaster of so many people. May our Leaders move fast in arresting this ecological disaster, we pray to you O Lord ..... Response

  5. We place before the Lord all our SCC members as they prepare for "World Day of the Poor" today may all of us participate in it wholeheartedly, we pray to you O Lord ..... Response

(Pray for community and personal needs ... we pray to the Lord)

Celebrant : Loving Father, we thank you for your Son Jesus who foretold drastic changes in the world order following his death and resurrection. The disciples undertook missionary journeys to spread the message of the Gospel. Give us the grace that we may continue the mission handed over to us to the best of our abilities. We make this prayer through the same Christ our Lord.     Amen.