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Prayer of the Faithful
OCTOBER 14, 2018

Celebrant : Let us place our petitions before God our Father, saying,

Response : Lord, hear our prayer.

  1. That the pope, the bishops, the clergy and the religious may pay attention to the welfare of the people, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  2. That we may keep ourselves from lustful thoughts through the power of God who strengthens us in our weakness, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  3. That we may embrace the virtue of honesty integrity and hard work, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  4. That we may control our anger and not let it hurt our relationships with family and friends, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

  5. That we may cultivate a sense of Justice and judge wisely and with compassion, we pray to the Lord ..... Response

Celebrant : God our father we thank you for gift of your son Jesus who taught us the way to eternal life. Lord, help us to detach ourselves from the riches of the world and attach ourselves to your son Jesus; we make this prayer through Christ our Lord.     Amen.