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Prayer of the Faithful
OCTOBER 15, 2017

Celebrant : Let us pray to our heavenly Father and present to him our prayers and petitions.

Response : Lord, mercifully Hear our Prayer.

  1. That the pope, the bishops and the leaders of the church may carry on the mission of inviting people to the banquet of the Lord, we pray to the Lord .....

    2. That all of us who have gathered here to worship in faith, may be gathered together again at the eternal banquet in God's Kingdom, we pray to the Lord .....

    3. That our youth who are challenged with difficulties, oppressed by sufferings and have lost hope, may experience the saving power of our Lord, we pray to the Lord .....

    4. That as our brethren celebrate Diwali, we may all be able to conquer the dankness in hearts and spread the light of unity and peace, we pray to the Lord .....

    5. That all the associations who have put up stalls for the Mission month may experience the Joy of Sharing and fellowship, we pray to the Lord .....

    (Pray for community and personal needs)

Celebrant : Merciful Father, your love, transforms us from unworthy Sinners to become your Children. We pray that we may be found worthy to enjoy your eternal banquet; we make this prayer through Christ our Lord.     Amen.