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The Christmas issue of Family Khabar is special because Christmas is special for all Christians ! When we celebrate the coming of the child Jesus to earth, we celebrate with joy, peace and good will. So, this issue hopes to bring all people but our parishioners in particular, together in joy and peace.

In this issue, we have something for each age group… for the children, youth and the young at heart. What does Christmas mean for them, the meaning and celebration of Christmas has been covered by various people. Besides news items and reports of the parish activities, we have a Christmas crossword, stories and poems. Hope all this adds to your Christmas spirit.

I thank all those who have contributed to the issue, the advertisers who sponsor the cost of the F.Khabar and invite many more to send in their community/association reports.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New year.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J. 


The Editorial Team: Fr. Leo Soares, Marietta Azavedo, Maria Jain, Lionel Fernandes, Felix and Sr. Alice.


Each year, when we celebrate the birth of Christ, we are in a real sense also celebrating our own birth, the birth of every human on Planet Earth. Of course, each of us has his or her individual birthday and we make it a point to wish each other and have a party on that day. It pricks us a little if people forget our birthday. But we need to ask ourselves whether we take our own birthday seriously, not in the sense of outer festivity, but in the real meaning of the unique life granted to each of us by our Creator.

Do I value my bodily-cum-spiritual life as much as I should? Do I care for it accordingly? Do I give similar respect to the life of my "neighbour" in the Gospel sense? Is it a mere notional respect or do I "walk the talk" in being a good Samaritan to others? God never tires of sending precious babies into the world to keep it going. But unfortunately we humans tire of one another all too soon as we grow up. We also seem to tire of living a life of "loving vibrancy". Ours is a beautiful world but we tend to take it for granted by exploiting rather than nurturing it.

Christmas gives us a chance to rethink our attitude to life and to the world in general. All the more so in our globalized world of instant connectivity and greater planetary awareness. The birth of every child is a wake-up call for us. When Isaiah declares (9:6): "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given" he also adds pointedly: "the government will be on his shoulders". This means that every human being who is born into this world bears a joint responsibility to shoulder the task of governing God's beautiful world entrusted to all of us. Let us take this message to heart right away and celebrate a Maximum Christmas!

Lionel Fernandes



Hi Kids,

Christmas is not far away. The festive spirit is in the air and all around you. You can't have missed the pretty shop windows, fairy lights, colorful trimmings and Christmas trees in varying shapes and sizes. Your homes are also getting a makeover. Your moms are now probably changing the upholstery, your walls are getting a fresh coat of paint and your old stuff is being tossed out of the window. You too love helping with the adornment of your house at Christmas, don't you?

Another tradition that is one of the most loved is creating a Christmas crib. A Christmas crib, as you know is a recreation of that beautiful nativity scene that took place 2000 years ago. It's so much fun when the whole family gets together to create one using their imagination and resourcefulness. It is not only creatively satisfying but also very effectively conveys to visitors to our homes the core event which we commemorate at Christmas. So children, get started with your cribs right away and get your whole family to join in. You can also put up a short slogan above your cribs to sum up the momentous event. Send your slogans to us; the best two slogans will get printed in the next issue of Family Khabar. How about that? So don your thinking caps and get going!

We're also going to show you how to make some cool Christmas decorations all by yourselves. Surprise your parents and friends this joyful season with your new found skills. Good luck and have a truly wonderful Christmas,

Once upon a time, in the beautiful and pulsating parish of Holy Family lived an energetic and fun loving bunch of kids. All they wanted to do was hang around together and play football 24 x 7. Yes, they did study too, being constantly prodded by the parents to do so, but they were more at home out in the open and in the muck rather than with their noses in their books. They wanted to bend it like Beckham and wanted to be rich and famous like him.

Just down the lane, lived a grumpy old man in a house just as old and run down. He was the anti thesis of the bubbly bunch of kids. In short, he hated anything and everything that moved on two legs, more particularly the noisy bunch of kids forever playing in front of his house. "You idlers", "Bunch of losers" "You good for nothing slackers" were some the adjectives that kept ringing in the kids ears, but of course, they were not deterred.

One day, in an awfully boisterous game of football, they broke the only window in his house that was left to be broken. That was absolutely the last straw. The infuriated old man charged after them and threatened to break their legs, hands and other sundry bones. Not wanting to spend the forthcoming Christmas season minus their precious limbs the kids retreated, but only temporarily.

Now, Christmas was fast approaching and the kids, having plenty of time on their hands, decided to have the most happening party in the neighborhood. But coming as they did from modest backgrounds, they realized funding wouldn't be easy. So one of them dug out an old pot and decided to put their savings in it. They ran errands, sold the junk in their houses and when their parents were not looking even got rid of some usable objects. Not surprisingly, they got spanked good and proper, but their "Magic Money Pot" was filling up nicely. Finally, the day came when they had enough money and got together to plan the nitty-gritty.

Just then, an ambulance, its sirens blaring went past them. They rushed out to see who it was and saw the old man being carried out on a stretcher, looking helpless and forlorn. At that moment something about the desolate old man touched them deeply. They followed the van to the hospital, their party plans forgotten. They held hands and prayed for his well being.

Over the days, the man began to recover. Hesitantly, they entered his room, expecting to be bawled out. But the man, equally uncertainly, extended his hand towards them. They grasped his gnarled hands and seeing the anxious look in his eyes, assured him that everything would be fine. They paid his hospital bills and took him home when he was fit enough. And what a lovely surprise awaited the man when he reached home, for, every room of his house was done up with the most beautiful of Christmas decorations. Soft Christmas carols played in the background and the smell of a scrumptious feast wafted through his house. "Oh, how did you do this?" was all that the happy old man could mutter. No prizes for guessing right… …it was the now depleted "Magic Money Pot" that was working its magic. Afterward, everyone sang & danced and had a jolly good time.

Something amazing had happened that Christmas. The children had finally grown up for they realized that true joy comes not from doing things for themselves, but through sharing with the less fortunate. Their parents were now mightily proud of them and the old man never ever ridiculed them again.

Marietta Azavedo



The Senior Citizens Association was formed by the late Fr. Harry Pereira S.J. in the year 1995 with about 20 to 30 members. Later Fr. Bosco D'Souza S.J. took charge of the group and with his popularity and organizing skill got more seniors to join. We are now a group of about 90 members.

We meet on the 4th Saturday of every month at 5 p.m. and end our meeting by 6.45 p.m. so that the members can attend the 7 p.m. mass. We start our meeting with a short prayer and a talk by Fr. Bosco. Then we call out the names of members whose birthdays are in that month and sing the happy birthday song while we go round wishing them. After this we serve snacks and cold drinks. This is followed by a game of housie which our members look forward to eagerly. The meeting ends with a short prayer.

The Senior citizens association in all parishes is now a recognized body by the Archdiocese of Bombay and the name is "BOMBAY ARCHDIOCESAN SENIOR CITIZENS ASSOCIATION' (BASCA). There are many Senior Citizens in our parish who are unable to attend the monthly meeting on the 4th Saturday. Hence we are planning to organize small groups of Senior Citizens area-wise, to come together and spend time in each others company. If you are 60 years and above and would like to be a part of this group of Holy Family Church, do come on the 4th Saturday of every month and experience being young at heart once again. We would love to have you with us.

Wilfred Rebello




The Zonal Mass of the Gundavali Village Cluster was held on 15th November 2013 in front of 'Merv May'. It was attended by about 200 community members.

Fr. Bosco celebrated the Eucharist which was offered for the deceased members of the community, Fr. Bosco in his homily stressed the importance of "Respecting the elders" in the family with an apt anecdote keeping in mind the parish core values of Communion, Concern and Community and offered suggestions on overcoming long standing quarrels and difficulties between neighbours.


After the Eucharist the community gathered in fellowship for fun and snacks. The evening was a beautiful example of living our Parish Core values of Communion, Concern and Community. Our Zonal representative at the Parish Council, Ms. Carmelin Victor gave all present a briefing on how to approach the Church in the event of any need. Then she introduced the other S.C.C. members. She also encouraged community members to participate inthe forthcoming events organized by the Parish. We as a community pray to the Lord to bless our efforts to form a vibrant community.

T. Johnson, Gundavali



On the 13th of September, 2013, the youth of Holy Family Parish went for a profound experience to Ambata along with the parish priest, Fr. Gerard, Br. Tommy and the Animators. Our journey to Ambata began with a mid-night train from CST which took us a step closer to our destination. We reached Nasik and halted for refreshments at Holy Cross Church. After resting for a while, we hopped onto a bus. Then we travelled by a private jeep to the mission station, Prabodhan Vidyalaya. The whole journey to the place had a far reaching effect on us.

Each of us had a different learning experience. The locals led a simple life. They welcomed us warmly into their homes. It started to rain and the whole scenery was drenched and peaceful. We sat at the Chula(fire place) to warm ourselves. We were offered hot tea. The warmth of those loving people really touched some of us. We exchanged our views and culture which were totally different and unique in its own way. The villagers communicated in Marathi so it was a bit difficult for some of us who weren't fluent in Marathi. Somehow, the language barrier didn't affect the bonding that took place. Towards evening, we returned to the mission station which was followed by the celebration of the mass by the priest who helped us reflect about the day we spent at the village. At the school hall, the children performed a graceful tribal dance. We too joined the children in dancing and had fun.



TOGETHERNESS DAY was celebrated on October 6th 2013. The Gundavali Zone celebrated the day in their respective Clusters instead of at the Zonal level to have an opportunity to know each other better. Our cluster 'Sacred Heart', comprising of 25 families met together at the residence of the Johnsons. The image of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus ''was garlanded. Then followed a time of community praise, worship, thanksgiving and fellowship. The members shared their experiences of the visit of the image to their homes and how it helped the members of the family come together in prayer. Some families also made special sacrifices during the visit of the image. Members also shared their experiences when neighbors went out of their way to help them during difficulties and crisis. This was followed by a lively discussion on various issues that members felt strongly about.

Ms Sneha Varghese our community animator encouraged the families to come together as and when invited and give their response and feedback to parish plans and projects. There was wonderful bonding over sharing of personal experiences and snacks sponsored by some families. It was togetherness in the real sense .The parish initiative of bringing families together through the celebration of togetherness day really helped us come closer as a community.

Tulip Johnson



Uniform Postures

Since the Eucharist is community worship the Church desires that the faithful display their unity by observing uniformity in postures during Mass, regardless of private inclination. In our Archdiocese the following uniform postures have been recommended. We therefore urge all our parishioners to observe the following:

All should STAND :
(i) At the Entrance Hymn, until the end of the Opening prayer.
(ii) For the singing of the Alleluia before the Gospel until the end of the Gospel proclamation.
(iii) For the Profession of Faith & the Prayer of the Faithful.
(iv) When the Celebrant says: "Pray brethren…….", before the Prayer over the offerings up to the 'Epiklesis', i.e., when the celebrant extends his hands over the Bread & Wine inviting the Holy Spirit to transform them into Christ's Body & Blood.
(v) (After the Consecration) When he says: "The Mystery of Faith" up to the time (before Communion) when he says: "Behold the Lamb of God……" and
(vi) After Communion when the Celebrant says:"Let us pray" till the end of the Mass.

All should SIT :
(i) for the two Readings before the Gospel & for the Responsorial Psalm.
(ii) during the homily & preparation of the 'Gifts' for the offertory
(iii) during the sacred silence after Communion.

All should kneel :
(i) At the 'Epiklesis' before the consecration and during the Consecration.
(ii) When the Celebrant says "Behold the Lamb of God" (before Communion)

It is understood that, for reasons of health or for want of space, or for any other good reason there will be exceptions to this rule.
(To start with, we could have M C's giving as the cues for the appropriate postures)



The day for Krazy games arrived. A long awaited event planned by the Holy Family Recreation group. It was good to see over 50+ youth turning up for the event. Youth were divided into 4 equal teams and the evening started with our first game Obstacle race where participants had to duck through a rope like Matrix, crawl like crocodiles, and touch the ground and take 10 rounds which made them go crazy and dizzy at the end of the race. Next game was a Spicy relay. The evening advanced from crazy to Crazier with some water splashing. After some hot games, it was time to cool them down. Water games were very innovative. The games kept the youth thinking what can be crazier than this, but that was not the end, there was more. In the next game youth had to gulp down the throat ingridients in their raw and natural form. The most surprising thing was no youth made a fuss of not playing, everyone participated whole heartedly. Last game for the evening was Treasure Hunt, with clues kept all over the church campus. The last clue was a surprise; it was the key to a Jam session hall with DJ and disco lights. The Jam session lasted for a good half hour with nonstop music and masti. For those who couldn't make it this time you all missed it big time!!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Parish Fathers for their support and the entire Holy family Recreation group committee in making this event a great success.

Committee Members: Leevan Veigas, Savia Almeida, Rovin Dsouza, Adolf Dias, Clinton Veigas, James Rodrigues, Joel Rodrigues, Rohan Mathias, Rickson Mathias, Wilson Mathias, Prashant Nadar, Vivin Malcom, Godwin Dsouza.



The month of December, Jim Reeves carols, cold weather, friends and loved ones, X'mas cards, gifts and good cheer- all these come to mind when I think of Christmas. As a child, I was always thrilled when December came along. For it meant a whole lot of wonderful things- the radiogram would now belt out my favourite Jim Reeves carols every day- Silent Night, White Christmas, Old Christmas Card and Merry Christmas Polka. There would be a cold nip in the air and the cardigans would come out. Mum and I would go shopping for new clothes and gifts for the family. As I grew into a teenager, the decoration of the house and making of the crib became my responsibility. I would painstakingly transform a carton from the grocer into a beautiful crib with hay and all.

There are some rituals of Xmas that I still follow. The sending and receiving of X'mas cards have dwindled today, but I still send some to my octagenarian uncles and aunts for old times sake. The confession before Christmas, the cake and sweets, the sharing of Xmas goodies and sweets with friends and neighbours still continue in my marital home.

Christmas is also a special time. For it is that time of the year that I reach out to all my near and dear ones many of whom are faraway. Long lost friends and relatives also get in touch with me, sometimes only this one time in the whole year and even that is welcome! In this spirit of warmth and bonhomie, grudges and hurts are forgotten and forgiven. The new born baby Jesus in the crib signifies rebirth, new life and all things good. I see it as a time to renew myself spiritually, by trying to be close to Jesus, following his precepts and viewing life as He would want me to. I see it as a time to let go of grievances, disappointments and unfulfilled dreams and to enjoy the gifts and blessings we already have. Let us remember God is good all the time. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Maria Jain



Date Name Parents Place
13-Oct Chelsea Carmel Rodrigues Rivelino & Priscilla Andheri(E)
13-Oct Myra Coelho Michael & Lavina Kajuwadi
29-Oct Devidas Narayan Swami Narayan Gundavali Hill
03-Nov Jayden Crasto Vivian & Dasmine Parsiwada
17-Nov Abigail Christine Kinny Wilbur & Sarah Charat Singh II
17-Nov Alena Vinod Pinto Vinod & Laveena Dewalwadi
01-Dec Ailin Noronha Franky & Manju Prakashwadi

Date Couple  
02-Dec Saumil Parekh & Cherly Kotankar
20-Oct Joel Royan Lewis & Sneha Anil Kaswankar
31-Oct Peter G Thakur & Suehita Padave
06-Nov John Aldo Fernandes & Seny Carnerio
16-Nov Robert Fernandes & Matilda Menezes
17-Nov Winston Joe D’souza & Kamna Dass
20-Nov Philip Vaz & Chandni Gupta
23-Nov Joseph Menezes & Soni Kaur
23-Nov Cronia Texeria & Rena Pinto
27-Nov Anil B. Fernandes & Nirmala Fernandez
30-Nov Roshan D’souza & Flavita Fernandes
07-Dec Thomas John De Oliveira & Nathasa Nataline Fernandes


Date Name Place Age  
15-Oct Baptist Monis Chakala 78 Years
21-Oct Fr. Daniel Kamath S.J. Vinayalaya 80 Years
22-Oct Walter J. Pacheco Andheri 90 Years
22-Oct RoseMary D’souza Chakala 83 Years
28-Oct Santan Dias Parsiwada 84 Years
02-Nov Santus Franics Crasto Chakala 70 Years
18-Nov Norma Rodrigues Andheri 63 Years
20-Nov David J. Pereira Dewalwadi 58 Years
23-Nov Cajetan Pereira J.B.Nagar 73 Years
26-Nov Nicholas Joseph Sequeira Chakala 89 Years
29-Nov Francis Charlie Rodrigues Kajuwadi 55 Years

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