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The feast of Christ the King comes at the end of the Liturgical year and this year at the end of the year of faith. It is appropriate that the feast comes to close the liturgical year as Christ is the Lord of the liturgy.

Mind you, he is not the lord of a place but the lord of our hearts, the lord of our faith and public worship. The processions, singing and preaching are not a show of pomp and strength of the church but rather an expression of the people's love and faith in Jesus Christ. He has won a victory over sin and death and lives with the Father and the Spirit in glory. We are all called to be a part of that glory.

We have celebrated the feast of our mother's birth- with monti fest, a visit to the shrine of Our Lady of the mount, perhaps attended novenas and even may have gone to Velankanni. These are all signs of our faith and trust in God and the powerful intercession of our mother Mary.

Coming up on Oct.2nd is Gandhi Jayanti or the birthday of the Mahatma, the father of the nation. With this event, we recommit ourselves to live for the formation of a just,secular and free India. The feast of the well loved St. Francis of Assisi is on the 4th of Oct . He inspired so many and continues to do so today. He is also the patron saint of the environment.

In this issue, we have articles on the above topics, news reports of parish events and happenings of the parish too. Happy reading.


Fr. Leo Soares S.J. 




A child is a gift from God. A miracle to behold……..whether girl or boy. And yet we live in a society where the girl child is often neglected, discriminated against and even abused. We see in many families, in the quest for a male child, the female foetus is aborted. Female foeticide and female infanticide are rampant in our country, Sex determination tests of the unborn baby which is banned in India is performed clandestinely by unauthorised diagnostic centres and if the foetus is found to be a girl it is aborted. In traditional Indian societies, girls are seen to be a burden- they have to be fed, clothed and ultimately married off with a big dowry. Sons are the breadwinners and carry on the family name and so are valued more. Parents also choose to spend more on their sons by providing them better education, facilities and even more nutritious food. It is this very bias against the girl child which begins at home that leads men to consider women as inferior. And this manifests itself in the increasing crimes against women ranging from attacks, to physical assaults to rape and even murder. When women are discriminated against and dishonoured in their own homes, boys grow up with the mistaken notion that it is okay to mistreat women. Women themselves do not raise their voices against the injustices because one, there is no one to hear them out and secondly, they themselves believe this is their lot and have no option but to suffer. Besides most of the women are dependent on either their parents or husbands for financial support since they have never been allowed to be independent and so have no income of their own. So they suffer whatever is meted out to them as they have nowhere else to go. For things to change, the fundamental change must come in every home. Parents must emphasise that each child is precious and equal whether girl or boy. They must ensure that no discrimination is meted out against their daughters. It is important here for the mother to take a strong stance in favour of the girl child even though this may be hard in traditional joint families. Boys/sons must be taught to respect and honour every woman within their homes and without. And women must collectively raise their voices when faced with any kind of ill treatment. In today's day and age there is nothing a woman cannot do that a man can. She is equal to man in every sphere so there is no need for her to be cowed down.

Maria Jain




The Year of Grace commenced in our parish on Easter Sunday i,e April 8 2012 and is scheduled to conclude with the Feast of Christ the King on Nov 24 2013. The Year of Grace also runs parallel to the Year of Faith announced by Pope Benedict XVI which commenced on 11 Oct 2012. Both are a call to transform our lives with renewed zest. In fact, the two go together beautifully as grace leads to renewed faith and faith helps us acknowledge Gods grace in our lives.

As you know, the theme chosen for the "Year of Grace" by our parish was "Rooted and Built up in Christ" (Col 2:7). In essence, these words are an invitation to us to bring God back to the centre of our lives. So how do we go about making our daily lives new in Christ? The first and foremost way, of course, is through prayer. Through prayer, we encounter Jesus and feel his presence in our every activity. Next would be to mend our relationships with our family and our community.

In this increasingly selfish world where indifference is the name of the game, we need to do more to reach out in kinship. Towards this end, our parish started the practice of house to house visit of the Sacred Image of Jesus. The purpose of this act is to rekindle our spiritual lives and to strengthen the bonds of love that unite our community through our collective devotion to the 'Sacred Heart'.

An earnest endeavor wasalso made to help parishioners re-focus on the Divine Word by encouraging daily reading of the Bible through a catchy phrase - 'Everyone a Bible…everyday a Chapter'.

Then there are the Bible Seminars conducted periodically to help us reflect on the Holy Scriptures. And surely, you've noticed that our Church campus now is looking aesthetically more pleasing than it ever was before. We also have the popular "Koinonia" stall and the serene Cave Chapel. All these are part of the efforts to help us be "Built up" in Christ.

So does all this end with the conclusion of the Year of Faith/Grace? It most certainly does not. The seed has been sown. It is now for us to nurture and nourish the tree so that its roots go so deep down into the soil that no storm or gale can ever uproot it.

Marietta Azavedo




St. Francis was born in 1182 in Italy in Assisi. He was a very wealthy merchant's son, who spent his youth in leisure and worldly pleasures. He was a born leader and crazy for recognition, a very good looking boy. He had many friends and all were noble men's sons.

One day when Francis was enjoying with his friends, a beggar came crying for alms. Francis offered something to the beggar, his friends laughed at him for his charitable act. As he was going to enjoy his life, he heard a voice saying that "the Master, rather than the man." That was the start of his conversion. He gave himself to solitude and prayer in his search for God's will for him. His newfound concern for the poor reached its peak, when one day he dismounted from his horse before a wayside leper, and not only gave him alms, but held the deformed figure in an embrace that in his own words, changed "bitterness to sweetness". Francis lived like a beggar. He wore a coarse dress and he went to beg for his food, some offered him stale food he ate for Christ sake and some good food. He lived in a cave and spent time in prayer and meditation in Assisi. He lived his life with austerity. He called his body "brother ass." He kept himself under perfect discipline and control.

Francis was known for his great love of nature. He considered nature to be the mirror of God and as so many steps to God. He called all creatures in the universe his "brothers and sisters", and was even able to preach to them. He referred to the Sun as brother and the Moon as sister.

Francis composed the prayer, "Lord make me an instrument of your peace". There are many incidents which show how Francis had dedicated his life to Jesus. We are followers of Jesus. He calls us to trust him, and to trust that God the Father has a wonderful plan for us. Jesus gives us his peace - a peace that is beyond all understanding.

We are all members of his body: the hands, the feet, the voice and face of Jesus. We are called to share his peace - in the Church, in our home, in our communities, in our working place and in the world. Each time we forgive, share with, help, comfort and care for one another, the peace of Jesus and of God's Kingdom becomes more real for everyone to see.

As we go out into the world, let us remember Jesus' words "peace be with you" and carry them in our hearts. We ask the Holy Spirit for the courage to share Jesus' gift of peace through acts of kindness, as a sign of his kingdom's everlasting peace, where the Father has prepared a place for each of us, beloved sons and daughters of God. Let us try to be a peaceful people wherever we are.

Sr. Alice Serrao U.F.S.



Certainly, by now you must have heard a lot about Magis and World Youth Day 2013 held in Brasil. Must have seen quite a few panoramic images of Copacabana Beach the Pope's mass and the 3 million pilgrims present there. What an inspiration and source of awe those days were.

Yet those fascinating frames cannot show the little experienced details in which the Magis and the World Youth Day came to life. Here is a little more about what the cameras could not capture.

Firstly, the different flags. While waiting for my fellow pilgrims at Botafogo Beach before the night vigil at Copacabana. I witnessed many pilgrims making their way along the closed official roads to reach Copacabana. While waiting for my troop for hours, I saw each nation go by, one after the other with their flags peacefully walking, singing, dancing and praying. What was even more amazing was their energy; these pilgrims were acting this way after waiting for hours together in a long line for their food supplies for the vigil.

Second would be the warmth of the Brazilian people. Even Pope Francis highlighted this topic and I my own experience says it is amazingly true. In particular, Santa Luzia stands out for me; that was our group's home for the experience of Magis. From the children, youth to the elderly, each one of them led our group selflessly during our experience there. Our stays, food, medication, art, music, drama, trips to local sites; name it and they had everything arranged for us perfectly and on time. Behind any Christian initiative stands this heroic kind of generosity.

And lastly, I would like to highlight the young Brazilians I met during my entire journey at Brasil. During the way of the cross, I had been separated from my group. A few Young Brazilian pilgrims saw me standing there alone. They offered me a seat though there was hardly place for them to sit. One young woman in particular offered to translate to me in English everything the speaker said. As the event concluded and the pilgrims began to eat their meals, they invited me to share dinner with them. I although had to decline their request as I had to return to our home base. There are many such incidents about the warmth and love of the Brazilians which left me speechless.

This was the place that taught me to cherish the small and beautiful things in life. Many encounters have cemented in me the love and warmth of the Brazilians. The day I stepped in Brazil I experienced immense amount of love in the hearts of the people there. It is unforgettable and cannot match to anything else around me today.

Lorraine Parakel



Date Name Parents Place
11-AugKiera FernandesRahul & AnnaChakala
08-SepLeann Joseph D'souzaJoseph & RozalineChakala
15-SepAbigail Louisa AlmeidaGabriel & AmmyMalad
22-SepLeandro Anthony FernandesLouis & CleetaChakala

Date Couple  
02-Dec Saumil Parekh & Cherly Kotankar
15-Dec Selvin Suresh Salian & Mable A. D'costa
15-Dec Melwyn Glen D'costa & Ezrela Judlyn Santos
15-Dec Anthony Rajib Anjous & Sharon Sobina Goveas
18-Dec Abel Omar Sane & Vanita Roshni Pinto
21-Dec Manoj Tambe & Veronica Sangle
23-Dec Ashely Glen D'souza & Sapana S Pareet
26-Dec Salvito Joe Rodrigues & Samantha Vitgin Vaz
27-Dec Clayton R. D'souza & Silvia Glenda D'souza
28-Dec Jackson Gomes & Vanessa Gonsalves
29-Dec Joel Pereira & Andrea Succorine Fernandes
01-Jan Francis Benny Godinho & Glynis Hyacinth Saldanha
02-Jan Nikhil Shahane & Ramini Rhea Threesa Ross
07-Jan Scovil D'silva & Resvita Monterio
12-Jan Banyo Francis D'souza & Diana E. D'cruz
12-Jan Royce Joseph Savio Coelho & Nishal Svetha D'silva
13-Jan Clifferd Oster Quadros & Evet Veera D'souza
13-Jan Dennis T. Fernandes & Dayna Kali Patil
26-Jan Elvis D'souza & Joaquina Maria D'souza
03-Feb Terence Passanha & Charlotte Sampey
07-Feb Flevin Marattuholam & Sharon Francis
09-Feb Lloyd Vaz & Sneha Carvalho
10-Feb Ainsley Joseph Pereira & Giselle Geraldine Fernandes
20-Feb Michael J. Hayes & Sylvana Anne Pinto


Date Name Place Age  
05-Aug Thomas Corda Kajuwadi 79 years
09-AugMariamma Yohonnan KoshyGundwoli86 Years
17-AugJoseph Michael RozarioParsiwada70 Years
25-AugDominic L. FernandesGundwoli82 Years
03-SepGeneieve Jennifer AlmeidaDewalwadi79 Years
06-SepBanna DiasTarun Bharat81 Years
10-SepSr. Teresa MendonzaDivine Child Convent85 Years
11-SepMary JohnChakala84 Years
16-SepSeverine Santan D'souzaParsiwada87 Years
23-SepJulius Anthony D'silvaChakala -Vasai73 Years
27-SepPauline FrancisChakala68 Years
30-SepAugustine D'souzaChakala85 Years
04-OctWilson Joseph NadarParsiwada85 Years


  Executive Editor : Fr. Leo Soares S.J.
  Editorial Team : Sr. Alice Serrao, Maria Jain, Colette D'Souza
& Marietta Azavedo
  Publisher : Parish Priest, Holy Family Church

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