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  A New Spring   

The season of Lent culminating in the feast of Easter coincides with the season of spring. Though we do not experience the freshness and beauty of spring here, we know that this season heralds a change for the better - a better climate, new flowers and sunshine. It looks like mother earth joins with us in spirit to celebrate this time of the year, Lent and Easter.

Beginning with Ash Wednesday, the season of Lent is associated with fasting and abstinence, sacrifices, the way of the cross and other devotions. What is the purpose of all this, if not to bring about a change for the better in our own lives, our families and in the world.


We can dispose ourselves to God's creative and healing action, but we can never bring about the change all by ourselves. We can plant and water the tree but only God can make it grow and bear fruit.

Come Holy Week and we try and become one with the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord. Now these are mysteries which we can only experience but never understand for like life itself, they are not problems to be solved but mysteries to be lived. We, especially the younger generation , need to realize that there is no gain without pain, no success without failure, no ecstasy without agony and no fullness of life without dying to ourselves. Wishing and praying that you have a holy and happy Lent and Easter.


Fr. Leo Soares S.J. 




A program for couples was held on 9th Feb 2013. It started with the Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Robin. He gave an enlightening sermon enumerating the 3 key secrets to a long and happy married life. The first is to never sleep over a fight, the second is to never say something that you can take back and the third and most important is to never let a grudge or worry about something/someone else affect the marriage. Fr. Robin also sang two beautiful songs for all the couples present accompanied by his guitar. Thank you Fr. Robin for such a meaningful mass. The mass was followed by a get-together on the church grounds. The grounds were tastefully decorated with lights and red and white balloons. The program commenced with the wedding march and the first dance which brought back to the couples many romantic memories of one's own wedding day 10, 20 or even 40 years ago! This was followed by fun and games. The evening ended with a sumptuous dinner. Everyone present had a thoroughly enjoyable time and we hope this evening for couples will be an annual feature.

Maria Jain





Easter will soon be here. A time for repentance, forgiveness, renewal, joy and hope.

A time to feel, understand and experience Jesus' great love and compassion for each one of us. In the world in which we live where success, name, fame and money are the goals everyone is chasing, it is easy to get bogged down by our own failures and inadequacies. We constantly berate ourselves for our faults and failings. But Jesus is all loving and forgiving. He has for each one of us an unconditional love that the world cannot give. A love that can make us feel whole again. He forgives our transgressions and washes us as white as snow. This Easter let us resolve to always live with this positive thought that Jesus loves us no matter who or what we are and draw great comfort from the fact that he is with us unto the end of time. May the joy of Easter be with each one of you.

Below is a beautiful story taken from "The Song of the Bird" by Fr. Anthony Demello S.J. which aptly captures God's love for us.


The Look of Jesus

In the gospel according to Luke we read : But Peter said, "Man I do not know what you are talking about." At that moment, while he was still speaking the cock crew: and the Lord turned and looked straight at Peter……and Peter went outside and wept.

I related well with the Lord. I would converse with him, thank him, ask for help.

But always I had this uneasy feeling that he wanted me to look at him………And I would not. I would talk, but would look away when I sensed he was looking at me. I was afraid I would find an accusation of some unrepented sin. Or a demand: something he wanted from me.

One day I summoned up courage and looked! There was no accusation. No demand. The eyes just said, " I love you."

And like Peter, I went outside and wept.

Maria Jain





St. Gonsalo Garcia, who is the Patron Saint of the Archdiocese of Mumbai, was a native of Vasai where he was born in the year 1557. He studied in the College of the Jesuits to whom our Parish Fathers belong. At the age of 25 he accompanied a group of them to Japan on missionary work. With his knowledge of Japanese he worked tirelessly for 8 years as a catechist. Gonsalo was not a one-track person. He proved to be a successful businessman no less than a zealous catechist. He later decided to join the Franciscans as a Lay Brother. The missionaries whom he worked with in Japan eventually came under the suspicion of the Emperor Taiko Sama and were put under surveillance in December 1596.


Soon after, they were imprisoned and on 5th February 1597 were ordered to be crucified in Nagasaki, the same city which in turn was "crucified" when it was destroyed in 1945 by the atom bomb. Gonsalo was canonized in 1629. His heroic example proves that it is possible to be honest both in worldly concerns and in spiritual pursuits. His memory lives on long after the names of his executioners are forgotten. That is the message of the Paschal Mystery: there is a life beyond the grave. Nagasaki too has risen from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix: another resurrection! HAPPY EASTER!

Lionel Fernandes



To many of us, the season of Lent signifies a 'somber' period - a period of mourning, gloom and solemnity which perhaps leaves us feeling a little downbeat. We look forward more to the joy of Easter than to the period that precedes it. Even so, most of us follow the general Lenten practice of fasting or giving up something or the other such as sweets, meat or television. Sadly, this constitutes the beginning and the end of our preparation for Easter. The deeper significance of this period is lost on most of us. What we need to realize is that Lent is not just a period of bodily fasting and abstinence but a time to delve deep into our souls and confront the darkness of sin that prevents us from seeing the light of God. During Lent, we are given an opportunity to retreat within ourselves and hear voices that are usually lost in the turmoil of our everyday living.


This introspection leads us to seek forgiveness for ourselves and also to experience the joy that comes out of forgiving others. Lent is also a good time to remember that our earthly possessions are not our own but merely lent to us by God, that they are not for keeps but for safekeeping. Lent in that sense is a yearly journey through a long, dark tunnel of contemplation, self- denial, prayerful reflection and the resultant cleansing which steers us out of the tunnel into the brilliant light of our Lord's triumph at Easter. So are you ready to let the true spirit of Lent permeate your life?

Marietta Azavedo



  • A special programme for couples on 9th Feb 2013 evening, to be led by members of Couples for Christ (CFC). This programme will include the Eucharist followed by a fun-filled evening.
  • 'Family-at-Mass'- to be held on one Sunday every quarter (once in three months). All members of families in the parish urged to attend any Mass at our Church together as a family. All Masses will be for families and that includes the 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Mass. Next 'Family-at-Mass' will be on 7th April 2013
  • Harmony - (Joint meeting of all Groups and Associations in the parish) will be held on 7th April 2013 to understand where we are as a parish and plan ahead for the next three years, our focus being the three values set for the parish i.e. Commitment, Concern and Community spirit.
  • Form a Property Committee comprising of parishioners with required expertise to settle certain parish property matters.
  • 24th November 2013 (Feast of Christ the King) will mark the closing of the Year of Grace.
  • Adoration Chapel - Feedback sought from communities whether it is possible for those involved in church activities to commit themselves to spending at least 30 minutes a month before the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Members applauded the youth for decorating the Church campus and especially the Christmas tree during Christmas season.
  • Update on youth activities by PYAT member.


On 2nd and 3rd Feb, a pledge was recited and white ribbons tied to the wrists of each one attending mass at our Church, as a symbol of "our solidarity towards encouraging respect and honoring women in our homes and in our society". This was part of a larger movement launched by the Archdiocese of Bombay in the wake of untold crimes against women which continue to take place with frightening frequency in some form or the other. You are exhorted to join the campaign and do your bit because being apathetic is no longer an option.



Date Name Parents Place
18- Nov Shanelle Sequeira Lancy & Sarvita Chakala
18-Nov Kimberly Fernandes Peter & Doris Chakala
02-Dec Angel Love Godinho Manuel & Cinderlla Chakala
02-Dec Ignatius D'Mello Dennis & Esperanca Chakala
09-Dec Kelrin D'souza Aldrin & Selma Gundowli
09-Dec Rhiannon Maria D'souza Raymond & Maria Gundowli
09-Dec Anora Anthony D'souza Anthony & Aceeyana Gundowli
16-Dec Shiphrah D'souza Brian & Sheetal J.B.Nagar
16-Dec Tiana Melina Crasto Melwyn &Elwina Charath Singh
16-Dec Skyler Fernandes Russell & Flavia Andheri
30-Dec Simon D'souza Ernest & Flory Parsiwada
02-Jan Anaya Naomi Shahane Nikhil & Ramini Koldongri
06-Jan Nikita Nazareth Noel & Rita Tellgulli
03-Feb Danica D'souza Dion & Pearl Gundwoli
10-Feb Sharon Paul Paul & Maria Dewalwadi
10-Feb Esther Mercy Fernandes Michael & Ingrid Bamanwada
24-Feb Jayden Breindel D'sa Lancy & Lavina Andheri

Date Couple  
02-Dec Saumil Parekh & Cherly Kotankar
15-Dec Selvin Suresh Salian & Mable A. D'costa
15-Dec Melwyn Glen D'costa & Ezrela Judlyn Santos
15-Dec Anthony Rajib Anjous & Sharon Sobina Goveas
18-Dec Abel Omar Sane & Vanita Roshni Pinto
21-Dec Manoj Tambe & Veronica Sangle
23-Dec Ashely Glen D'souza & Sapana S Pareet
26-Dec Salvito Joe Rodrigues & Samantha Vitgin Vaz
27-Dec Clayton R. D'souza & Silvia Glenda D'souza
28-Dec Jackson Gomes & Vanessa Gonsalves
29-Dec Joel Pereira & Andrea Succorine Fernandes
01-Jan Francis Benny Godinho & Glynis Hyacinth Saldanha
02-Jan Nikhil Shahane & Ramini Rhea Threesa Ross
07-Jan Scovil D'silva & Resvita Monterio
12-Jan Banyo Francis D'souza & Diana E. D'cruz
12-Jan Royce Joseph Savio Coelho & Nishal Svetha D'silva
13-Jan Clifferd Oster Quadros & Evet Veera D'souza
13-Jan Dennis T. Fernandes & Dayna Kali Patil
26-Jan Elvis D'souza & Joaquina Maria D'souza
03-Feb Terence Passanha & Charlotte Sampey
07-Feb Flevin Marattuholam & Sharon Francis
09-Feb Lloyd Vaz & Sneha Carvalho
10-Feb Ainsley Joseph Pereira & Giselle Geraldine Fernandes
20-Feb Michael J. Hayes & Sylvana Anne Pinto


Date Name Place Age  
30-Nov Sr. Rosy Koikara Vedruna Convent 72 Years
15-Dec Carmen Fernandes Parsiwada 62 Years
19- Dec Ronnie Bugri Gundowli 50 Years
24-Dec Rosy Serrao Chakala 85 Years
26-Dec Baby (male) Chakala -
27-Dec Lawrence Cardozo Koldongri 63 Years
31-Dec Francis D'Silva Kajuwadi 78 Years
02-Jan Celine Fernandes Chakala 62 Years
12-Jan Kaitan Fernandes Chakala 75 Years
19-Jan Juliana Fernandes Chakala 60 Years
02-Feb Nathal Gonsalves Chakala 82 Years
10-Feb Lesly Marshal Pereira Chakala 61 Years
12-Feb Robin Son Pereira Kajuwadi 28 Years
12-Feb Rita Pinto Charath Singh 57 Years
17-Feb Annie Sequeira Charath Singh 87 Years
19-Feb Anthony Cyprain Corda Dewalwadi 64 Years
22-Feb Marie Fernandez Gundowli 84 Years


  Executive Editor : Fr. Leo Soares S.J.
  Editorial Team : Sr. Alice Serrao, Maria Jain, Colette D'Souza
& Marietta Azavedo
  Publisher : Parish Priest, Holy Family Church

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