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The star is a popular symbol of Christmas. A star illumines the dark sky and millions of them forming constellations leave us speechless. Something like what happens to us when we behold the baby Jesus lying in the crib. This star is the star of faith that guided the three wise men to the child Jesus. It guides us all on our journey through life. - in the way we make choices, in our use of time, of money and in the way we relate to others.

Do we ever stop to think and see this star of faith in our daily lives? This year has been declared as the Year of Faith by the Holy Father to commemorate 50 years of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the catechism of the Catholic Church. These two events are milestones on the faith journey of the church.


Yet, so many are not familiar with them. Besides the Bible, could we begin reading these 2 documents, reflect and pray over them? That would enable us to grow in faith, to be rooted and grounded in Christ (Col 2.7) to grow like Jesus in favour with God and man.(Lk 2.52)

In this issue, we have articles on giving at Christmas time, how it is family time, how the feast is at the core of our faith, how it is an inter-faith festival. We also have a special page for children and those young at heart- with Christmas word search poems and a story related to Christmas. Besides, we have the usual Khabar about parish activities. Wishing you all a happy Christmas and New Year.


Fr. Leo Soares S.J. 




The rumour has spread everywhere in the magazines, papers and every individuals mouth that the world is coming to an end of this December. As I look back, it amazes me how quickly time seems to have flown by. It is already Christmas in a week's time.

Of all the days and seasons of the year, the season of Christmas has always been the one that has captivated my heart since I was a child. It brings back so many joyful and loving memories of the Christmas celebrations we had as I was growing up. We used go for Christmas midnight mass, preparing the crib, decorating the star and mom used to prepare different kinds of sweets, delicious dishes. There was lots of laughter, fun and joy. For me, Christmas was always a time of love & joy. The Christmas season of love and joy seems a universal one - with all the lovely and uplifting Christmas carols being heard everywhere.

All these are outer celebrations. If we take little time and look around us, poor people are struggling for their daily bread; beggars stretch their hands for alms and innocent children starve for food. Innocent people are fighting for justice. Everywhere corruption, exploitation, killing, cheating and so on. Then where is the peace?
Can we make a difference to them?

Sr. Alice Serrao U.F.S.


Let's GIVE this



"Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most"

Christmas! The very word brings such gladness to our hearts. As the season nears, there is a deep sense of excitement, a feeling that something BIG is on the horizon. You can't miss it - painted shop windows, fairy lights, multihued decorations, and the works. Not wishing to be left behind we get drawn into the mad frenzy of shopping for expensive clothes, preparing sweets, adorning our homes and the like. But amidst the mad flurry of activity, let us not forget the real reason for the celebrations. It's only when we unravel the mystery of the Nativity that we experience true lasting joy as opposed to the fleeting pleasure of superficial celebrations. And what can bring us more joy than 'giving'. For, the spirit of Christmas is all about the spirit of giving.


Yes, we all love doing stuff for our own family and friends. But this season, how about bringing those outside our circle into it and sharing with them the core message of this beautiful event - that of sharing and giving.

In our neighborhood, we have institutions like the Home for the Aged, the Snehasadan homes for under privileged children, Cheshire Home and many more. We also have the house-confined and ailing who are in need of companionship. 'Giving' does not mean charity of money only. You can give of your time and talents, sponsor a meal, organize some party games, or just give a warm and sincere hug to spread some much needed cheer amongst the less fortunate "You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give". So go out there and give, give, give. Have a truly 'giving' Christmas!

Marietta Azavedo


(Can I entrust God with my entire life)



When we recall the events leading up to the birth of Jesus and the Nativity itself, one of the lessons we learn is a great trust Mary and Joseph placed in God.

According to tradition, Mary took a vow of virginity in order to belong totally to God. But a marriage was arranged for her as it was considered the duty of every woman in Israel to be a wife and to bear a son to the Lord. Mary consented to the marriage and left it to the Lord to preserve her virginity. It was a great sacrifice for Joseph not to be able, to have his own children, but he loved Mary with a deep spiritual love and respected her vow.

What anguish the conception of Jesus caused Mary and Joseph! Mary was aware of her purity and how God had acted in her. But she was to remain silent and not tell Joseph anything. She entrusted the whole problem to God.

Joseph noticed that Mary was pregnant, though they had not started living together. He knew Mary was pure and chaste. But the fact was that she was expecting a child. His mind and heart were tormented as it was natural for him to doubt her fidelity. According to the law, he could have had Mary stoned to death. Being a good and just man he decided to divorce her quietly. But God intervened and clarified the whole matter to him. What anguish, what torture, Mary and Joseph endured, but their trust in God was vindicated.


Then came the census, just about the time when Mary would give birth to her child. It was dangerous in her condition to undertake the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Beside the strain of the journey, was a problem of large crowds on the road, and finally the question of obtaining some lodging. Enough questions to perturb even the most calm people. Here again Mary and Joseph trusted God. It seemed that harder the trial the more they trusted in him.

Their trust was not misplaced, though things did not turn out as they would have wished. Mary and Joseph were rejected wherever they sought accommodation. Jesus was born in a stable. For the King of Heaven and earth, the Saviour of human kind, not even a small dingy room was available.

It was because of their love of God that Mary and Joseph could trust and keep on trusting God in all circumstances, no matter what happened. Humility begets trust, they were humble. The proud want to have things their way.


Every day we trust people. If we can place our trust in people who can fail, why should we hesitate to trust God, who cannot fail?

Lino and Rupa



A star is shining, oh look and see,
A saviour is born, for you and me
Shepherds came from near and far,
The three kings traversed, following the star.

A babe in the manger, so pure and calm,
Born to save us from all harm
Lift up your voices, rejoice and sing,
Oh what joy to us, this day does bring.


His birth brings us hope and freedom from fear
Cast away your worries because Jesus is near
No more tears or concerns or care
The Lord is with us our burdens to share.

The birth of our Lord now changes your life
Gone are the doubts, the pain and strife
So go out with hope and faith and joy,
Your life is renewed with the birth of this little boy.

Maria Jain



Hello kids,




Christmas is just round the corner. Isn't that exciting? Santa will probably come visiting you with lots of gifts, mom and dad will get you new clothes and toys and your aunts and uncles will get you your favorite computer games. But is Christmas really only about getting gifts, new clothes and toys? It most certainly isn't. Christmas is all about love, togetherness and sharing, but most of all it is about Christ, whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas. He didn't come as a King or someone wealthy and famous; rather he came as a child just like you. So remember to include Him in your celebrations this Christmas. You can start by giving Jesus a birthday present - by doing something extra special for your parents, your friends and for other people around you. What is your gift to baby Jesus this Christmas?


There's a story told about 'THE MIRACLE OF THE POINSETTIA!' This little story reflects the true spirit of this beautiful season......

At Christmas in Mexico, most houses display the Poinsettia. Just as we have Holly, Mistletoe and the Christmas Tree, the Mexicans have the poinsettia. They believe that the beautiful plant brings a blessing that will last all year. The tradition has existed since 1834 when a miracle occurred in a tiny village.

In those days it was customary for people in the villages to take gifts to the Baby Jesus at Christmas Eve. Little Maria, a poor peasant girl had no gift, but she did so want to enter the church and see the Baby Jesus in His crib.


She stood outside, watching others as they entered, carrying their gifts. Some took food, some took crochet and lacework. Others carried flowers. But little Maria had nothing. One lady passed her with a huge bundle of flowers in her arms. As she walked by, a leaf fell from the enormous bunch and landed at Maria's feet. She picked it up and thought, "I will take this leaf".

Others saw Maria pick up the leaf and smiled as she carefully wrapped it in her small handkerchief. And then, clutching her tiny gift, Maria entered the church. She took her place at the end of the line of people waiting to make their offerings. Then at last, it was Maria's turn. She stretched out her arm and carefully opened her fingers to place the leaf on the altar in front of the crib.

There was a gasp from the adults who had seen Maria fold the leaf into her tiny handkerchief. For as her fingers separated, it was seen that the little peasant girl was now holding a beautiful flower. The miraculous bloom was formed like a star with brilliant scarlet leaves. Word of the miracle spread quickly through the church and people fell to their knees. And since then, the gift of the Poinsettia came to be known as "The Flower of the Holy Night".



Kid's here's something for you to do during your Christmas holidays. Find the Christmas words from the bottom in the Christmas word search grid. When the Christmas word search puzzle is complete, read the remaining letters left to right, top to bottom, to learn an interesting statistic related to Christmas. Enjoy!

A hovering star
A stable austere,
Amid shepherds and sheep
Lies a baby, so holy and sweet,
This is our Redeemer, Savior and King,
To us a simple message of Love He brings -
A message for every winter, summer and spring!
So let's celebrate this gift we've been given,
The gift of the baby, the servant and the King!
Spirit of Christmas
Bring You Joy, Hope And Peace
Have A Warm & Radiant Christmas!





Big compliments to the Parish Fathers for understanding the need, the Ministers of the Word along with the fathers for taking time and putting up such a wonderful 3 days enriching experience for the members of the various associations at Holy family Parish.

  • The booklet gave an over view on the no. of books both in the old and new testament - a ready reckoner.
  • Understanding the bible better.
  • How to read the bible- be PEPPY, ie. Pray with Expectation, Personally with Perseverance as Your life application.
  • When we pray, we need to retire to a silent space, read, reflect and accordingly respond.
  • In doing so, we can say to Jesus - I treasure your word in my heart - Psalm 119:11
All parishioners however knowledgeable need to take this refresher course. Surely thank God for this wonderful opportunity through his people.

Gracy Alva

I was really happy to be there for the Bible Seminar. My knowledge of reading the Bible was enhanced. I learnt little ways of encountering God, His Son Jesus and the Spirit the bond between Father and the Son. The Bible contains many books but it is ultimately one book, one story of God revealing himself to his people. The story of God's love for man and man's search of God.

I must say that Fr. Gerard, the parish team and the Ministers of the Word did a fantastic job. The presentation was very simple and colourful. We do appreciate their painstaking efforts to make people know and love God's Word through this short seminar. I am sure those who attended this seminar will begin to realize as they read the Word of God that the focus in on God (The Holy Trinity), though there are many books in the Bible, and come to know the hidden image of God as they read every book and prepare themselves each day to respond to God in every situation of their life.

Sr. Matilda





This year we are celebrating "Year of Grace" in our parish as it is 50 years of the New Church. Our parish celebrated family utsav in great style on the 2nd Dec. 2012 on the school grounds. There were stage items, food stalls and game stalls where all could have an enjoyable time. The organizers did a good job and we are grateful to them.



The festival began on the eve of the feast i.e. the 24th Nov. with a talk 'On being called to serve' by Fr. Michael. He used Biblical characters like Moses,Aaron , Mary to drive home the point that the ministry to which one is called is of importance NOT the one called.We shoud never usurp the glory-which belongs to God- by making ourselves more important than the ministry/ service.

The same evening saw a turnout of nearly a thousand, including many youth,assembled in the church compound. As they listened i rapt attention to Fr. Michael.

The feast day witnessed the gathering of the communities o the school grounds. From the south and from the east and from the west the processions wended their way to the grounds till by 5.45 p.m almost all the 3500 chairs were occupied . The praise and worship began o the dot of 6 p.m with a heartfelt rendering of "Holy is the God on High" Fr. Augustine Valooran then led the gathering in adoration before the exposed blessed sacrament. He invited each and every person to surrender him/herself to Jesus along with their loved ones,sons,daughters et al while they sang: Jesus I Believe.

The Eucharist began with a charming dance performance by the JFC kids. The altar was beautifully decorated with colourful flowers and an impressive back-drop proclaiming:"Open the door to Christ" The eight concelebrants flanking His Lordship Bishop Valerian D'Souza made an impressive and solemn sight. But the highlight of the evening was His Lordships homily. Touching on the parish theme:"Rooted and Grounded in Christ", he explained that Christianity is not a matter of beliefs and doctrines, but one of a two way relationship: one with the blessed Trinity and the other with our brothers and sisters. Faith, he said, is a living encounter with Jesus Christ.
The Bishop suggested the following seven means for achieving our goal of being rooted and built up in Christ:

  1. The sacrament of the Eucharist and Reconciliation
  2. The Word of God
  3. Prayer
  4. Practising the commandment of love.
  5. Proclaiming Christ
  6. Devotion to the Bl. Virgin Mary
  7. Having a passionate love affair with Jesus
His Lordship also made the pertinent observation that there is no greater healer than Jesus in the Eucharist. A truth generally ignored. Throughout the celebrations, the fervour and joy of the faithful was palpable. And with the Divine Presence of the 'King' in our midst, it was no wonder that Fr. Valloran was impelled to exclaim 'This is heaven. May your Kingdom come, O Christ!'

A Foot-Soldier




As we head into December and the air gets nippier, the Christmassy feeling sets in, at least for many of us. I say this because in some parts of the world, particularly the developed West, which was at least nominally considered Christian, a trend has set in to greet one another "Happy Holidays" during the Christmas season. So "Happy Christmas" is out of fashion in these circles. For them, to be politically correct, festivals celebrated by the general public should be Religion-neutral in a multi-faith society organized on secular lines. I think this is over-stating a case. Round the year, festivals of different denominations have arisen over a period of time as a result of a variety of factors, historical and cultural. This is what makes the Calendar so colourful and gives social life its vibrancy. Each festival has its own specific beauty and flavor. We in India have always enjoyed sharing in the festivities of our non-Christian sisters and brothers.


So what's the hitch in saying "Happy Christmas"? Was not the festival instituted to commemorate the birth of Christ and not somebody else? Take Christ out of Christmas and what's left? A bland holiday like any other with no meaning or message other than crass commercialism! Unfortunately today most festivals are celebrated blindly and mechanically with no thought to their significance. No harm in taking a break from the daily humdrum and having a good time with family, friends and neighbours. But let's give that "feel good" factor an added punch by some prayerful reflection on what exactly we are celebrating and how we can become better humans thereby. Christmas…the Christ Child…Mary and Joseph…the Manger…the Angels…the Shepherds…the Animals…the Wise Men with their gifts…precious and powerful symbols of what Christmas really means for us to live in harmony with all men and all Nature under a loving Creator! Can we settle for less?


Lionel Fernandes



Date Name Parents Place
22-July Pearl Sarah D'silva Naveen & Motin Charat Singh
05-Aug Lenora Alvares Darren Cajetan & Reshma Dina Kajuwadi
05-Aug Aloysha Cabral Boney & Valena Chakala
12-Aug Amanda D'souza Peter & Annie J.B.Nagar
19-Aug Adrielle Melissa Braganza Lester & Avril Marol
09-Sep Larisa Alphonso Freddy & Juliana Gundowli
16-Sep Samuel Dias Joseph Peter & Leena Kajuwadi
07-Oct Johan Fernandes Moses & Sonia Chakala
07-Oct Edwin Naikar Magendra & Pramila Parsiwada
07-Oct Maegan Pereira Melvin & Dephny Charat Singh
07-Oct Gerard Luke Gautum Kiran & Suzanna Charat Singh
14-Oct Vincent Fernandes Donald & Lavina Chakala
21-Oct Adelle Maria Evelyn Grey Aaron & Audrey Andheri
28-Oct Aarav Varma Mukesh & Noorie Chakala
28-Oct Janet Fernandes John & Audrey Andheri
04-Nov Richa Charturvedi Tulsi Prasad & Maya J.B.Nagar
04-Nov Krynslyn D'costa Montwyn & Cindrella Gundowli
04- Nov Lawrence D'souza Victor & Leena Bamanwada

Date Couple  
11-Aug Larry D'Silva & Malaika Fernandes
29-Sep John Andrew Francis Fernandes & Mara Sindhu Palande
07-Oct Sunny Dominic Nathal & Anora Anne Phillips
20-Oct Valerian Almeida & Chanchal Balaram Potsure
20-Oct Angelo Vaz & Esmeralda Tellis
23-Oct Sudhir Kumar Toppo & Prajakta Rasam
10-Nov Dylan D'souza & Shamin Dourado
10-Nov Dinesh A Pereira & Wilma G D'souza
16-Nov Edson Emmanuel Ferrao & Sherine Nikita Gonsalves
18-Nov Ronnie Roshan D'souza & Susan Savia Fernandes
23-Nov Joseph P Pallayl & Amy Sophia


Date Name Place Age  
27-July Rozy Fernandes Gundowli 94 years
31-July Nathalian D'sa Charat Singh 101 years
04-Aug Victor Francis Xavier Kajuwadi 86 years
07-Aug Peter Ryan Mendonca Koldongri 36 years
11-Aug Fedrick John Lobo J.B.Nagar 57 years
17-Aug Stephen J. David Chakala Village 56 years
21-Aug Boniface Quadras Kajuwadi 70 years
25-Aug Bartholomeo D'souza Kajuwadi 38 years
30-Aug Doreen Placid Ferreira Chakala 67 years
31-Aug Sr. Regina Gonsalves Divya Jyoti Convent 83 years
31-Aug Cyril Sylvester D'souza Parsiwada 39 years
03-Sep Santan D'souza Chakala 70 years
17-Sep Francis Quadros Kajuwadi 56 years
22-Sep Joseph Simon D'almeida Charat Singh 70 years
01-Oct Marcus Jerome D'souza Gundowli Village 65 years
05-Oct Lavlin Leo Gerard D'silva Chakala 52 years
06-Oct Ida Piedade Ramos Chakala 75 years
11-Oct Thomas Franco Kajuwadi 78 years
16-Oct Baby of Elvina Crasto Charat Singh -
16-Oct Marry Anthony D'costa Gundowli Hill 78 years
25-Oct Angeline D'souza Tarun Bharat 92 years
31-Oct Hilda Almeida Chakala 72 years
01-Nov Margaret Subash Virola Telligulli 49 years
15-Nov Olive Pereira Gundowli 86 years
24-Nov Francis Netto Chakala 80 years
25-Nov Francis V. Rodrigues Bamanwada 86 years


  Executive Editor : Fr. Leo Soares S.J.
  Editorial Team : Sr. Alice Serrao, Maria Jain, Colette D'Souza
& Marietta Azavedo
  Publisher : Parish Priest, Holy Family Church

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