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Easter is the time to celebrate the fullness of life. And what is this fullness of life? St. Iraneus said that the glory of God is man fully alive and full life for man lays in the vision of God. We all seek life in greater abundance but what exactly does this mean? Is it to have more of the goods and pleasures that life offers us? That is not what Jesus taught and the saints show us. Jesus and the saints lived a life of paradoxes. They show us that contentment and happiness lay in control of our desires and giving of ourselves to others rather than indulgence of our desires and selfish lives. We see them forgiving those who hurt them rather than seeking revenge. We see in them an awareness of God’s constant love for them and gratitude for all they receive in life rather than an attitude of taking people and things for granted.


The feast of Easter celebrates new life that Jesus invites us to. In this issue, we will have a summary of the PPC minutes for the first time. Give your feedback to any of the council members.

The summer months are holiday time for our students. How can students use this time to grow? We have some suggestions –besides the usual columns and an article on O. Lady of the Rosary for the Marian month of May.

I will end with another quote of St. Iraneus: He accepted human life, so that he could rise from the dead and live forever and ever. Happy Easter.


Fr. Leo Soares S.J. 





Easter comes in the month of March/April heralding the onset of summer. In western countries where it is cold and it snows, Easter brings with it summer days of sunshine and signals the end of gloomy and bitterly cold winter days.

For us Christians, Easter is the culmination of 40 days of fast, prayer and abstinence during the period of Lent. It signifies the resurrection after the cross. What does Easter mean to you and me? Is it just the festivities, Easter eggs and good things to eat? Are we aware that every Lent should be transformational? Bringing us closer to Jesus in some way through prayers, sacrifices, self control and self denial.


Easter also signifies hope. That after a period of struggle and difficulty there is always a ray of hope. That the darkest hour is before the dawn. That despair and dejection should never be part of our lives. For we know that our Saviour is the risen Lord who carries us through every crisis. So let this Easter be full of hope, courage and eager expectations for each one of us in Holy Family Parish.

Easter celebrates the mystery of the Lord’s Resurrection. It is Christ’s victory over sin and death. As Paul says in 1 Cor.15.17: If Christ has not been raised, then your faith is a delusion and you are still lost in your sins. And verse 19 : If our hope in Christ is good for this life only and no more, then we deserve more pity than anyone else in the world.

Maria Jain and Fr. Leo





It was Tuesday the 6th March 2012 and the Ashankur Hall resounded with inspirational songs and full-throated slogans. International Women’s Day, which actually falls on the 8th March, was being celebrated with gusto by the women of the Samta Mahila Mandal (the Ashankur Women’s Group), joined by their sisters from the neighbourhood and other organizations. The programme began with a graceful prayer dance by Miss Sakshi More. The enthusiasm of the ladies was contagious. It was heart-warming to see them bonding and giving expression to their concerns and aspirations. This year, the Guest Speakers were Smt. Taruna Kumbhar of Ashadeep (St. Michael’s Church Community Centre, Mahim) and Smt. Mukta Srivastava of the NAPM (National Alliance of People’s Movements).


They spoke on the subject of “Women and Politics”. Taruna waxed eloquent on her experience in contesting the recently concluded civic elections. Though she did not win a seat, the lessons she learned, both positive and negative, were invaluable and she shared them with the listeners present. Mukta spoke forcefully about politics understood in the wider context of personal, domestic, institutional and civic issues as they impacted women’s lives on a day to day basis. This lively interaction fired the women’s zeal to continue their struggle for a more compassionate and gender-just society. Our Social Workers Merlyn David and Kalpana Gawde ably compered the programme.

Stri Shakti Zindabad!

Lionel Fernandes





The annual day for the Sunday school was held on the 4th March 2012 at 5 PM at the Holy Family School hall. The Chief Guest was Sister Lawrencia, principal of Divine Child School. The program began with a beautiful prayer dance by children of Divya Jyoti. This was followed by interesting items put up by each standard such as a play on the meaning of Easter by Standard II, a skit highlighting the evils of internet and social networking, a play on the beatitudes. The last item was a song and dance play with a live band on the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola performed by the children of Std IX.


The teachers of Sunday School presented a dance and a skit was enacted by the parents to highlight the importance of family prayer.

The program concluded with the prize distribution ceremony where certificates were handed to children who had done well during the previous year. A big thank you to Father Leo for his spiritual guidance through the year and to the teachers for their untiring efforts in bringing the faith to our children.

Maria Jain





May is often called Mary's month in popular devotion. There are many ways to celebrate this particular devotion. Most of the churches have a daily recitation of the rosary. In our church people pray the Rosary before the morning 7.30 a.m. Mass and the evening 7.00p.m Mass. Families in our parish also recite the daily rosary. A statue of Mary is honored with a garland of flowers to indicate Mary's virtues - virtues that are to be imitated by the faithful.

Recently, I read a story from a little publication in Australia called the Apostles of Mary. This time last year they published a story called, "Serial Killer Ted Bundy and the Power of the Rosary" which I am sharing here today.

"To understand that Our Lady needs us, it helps to begin with the awareness that we also need her and that her help never fails those who pray to her with a sincere heart.

In 1978, the police called Msgr. Kerr in the middle of the night to accompany them to a sorority house in Tallahassee. When he arrived he was told that all but one of the girls in the house were dead or near death, killed by the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy. After administering last rites to one of the college girls who was dying, the police on the scene asked Fr. Kerr to speak with a girl who had survived the massacre unscathed. They had a very specific question: Why did Bundy stop right inside the door to her room, drop his weapon, and leave without touching her?


The young woman refused to speak to anyone except a priest. When Fr. Kerr approached the near-catatonic girl, she told him that her mother had made her promise, before going off to college for the first time, that she would pray the Rosary every night before bed for protection, even if she fell asleep praying the Rosary, which she had that night. When Bundy came into her room to murder her as he had the other girls, the beads were still clutched in her hands.

Ironically, Bundy later sought out Msgr. Kerr as a spiritual counsellor while he waited on death row. Over the course of their sessions, Bundy explained to Mgr. Kerr that when he entered the girl's room, he just wasn't able to continue with his spree, he dropped his weapon, and he fled.

In this prayer to Our Lady of the Rosary, we ask the Virgin Mary to help us to cultivate a habit of interior prayer through the daily recitation of the rosary. This is the object of all of our prayers: to arrive at the point where we can "pray without ceasing," as Saint Paul tells us to do.

Sr. Alice Serrao U.F.S. 


Things to do this summer...


Summer is here….blazing and burning hot as ever, bringing with it another round of soaring mercury levels, water woes, frazzled nerves and rising tempers. All you want to do now is exit Maximum city and head out on that long awaited trip. One is spoilt for choice these days what with a wide range of adventure trips, leisure trips, wildlife trips and romantic getaways to pick from. Then, there’s the most popular one of all – a visit to one’s native place. Nothing beats spending quality time with your family and catching up with your aunts, uncles, cousins and the rest of the extended clan. Riding bikes, fishing trips, climbing trees and playfully stealing fruit from neighbor’s trees – all form part of wonderful summertime experiences. For those of you who cannot get away this summer, do not fret. Here’s a compilation of some refreshing stuff you can do to squeeze out every ounce of fun from your holidays, without really leaving home. So go ahead and make it a summer to remember!

Start a scrapbook. Cut out and paste newspaper articles, poems, quotes or just about anything that you find inspiring. Or, you could make an album/re-arrange your old one in proper sequence. It’ll be fun and at the same time bring back fond memories.


Get a green thumb! Purchase some packets of flower seeds or buy some plants from the nursery and start a small potted garden. Turn into an expert. Pick a topic you're really interested in and spend a little time each week researching. By the end of the summer, you'll practically be a whiz!

Go to the nearest scenic spot and enjoy a picnic with family & friends.

Make handmade gifts and cards for upcoming special occasions.

Develop a new talent. All it takes is some daily practice, and you could discover skills you never even knew you had!

Catch up on your reading. Start with a book you always wanted to read but had no time.

This one is the best of all – Join the Summer Fun Camp organized by your parish!

Marietta Azavedo


(JANUARY 2012 – MARCH 2012)



  • Parish Youth Animating Team (P.Y.A.T) to start the recreation club for youth and others.
  • A special prayer during Mass for couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries.
  • Feast of the Holy Family to be celebrated on 6th January 2013
  • “Year of Grace” to start from 8th April 2012 (Easter) and end on 24th November 2013 (Feast of Christ the King) to commemorate 50 years of our new Church building (5th March 2012) and 70 years of forming of our parish (7th July 2013)
Col 2: 7 Rooted and built up in Christ, strengthened in the faith.


Built up Spiritual: Encountering Christ in his Word & Prayer. - Bible Seminar Elaborate preparation for Christ the King feast starting from June 2012 Holy Family Catholic Workers Spiritual Association- Mass every Wednesday and Friday for the benefit of those working in the vicinity of the parish on an experimental basis for three months starting from June (yet to be finalized)

Built up in Communion: encountering Christ in community - Seating arrangements around the periphery near Ashankur.

Built up Physical: repairs and beautification of Church and campus - Renovation of the existing Chapel: to make it larger, more beautiful and more conducive to prayer. Feedback/suggestion/consent being sought from the communities for other initiatives.

Setting up of Committees for the Year of Grace
i) Coordinators & Coordinating Committee ii) Finance group iii) Spiritual Committee iv)Maintenance committee v) Publicity & Media committee.

Harmony 2012- (Joint meeting of all Groups and Associations in the parish.) will be held on 15th April 2012.




The Bimanagar SCC ushered in Valentine’s Day celebrations on Sun Feb 12 with a V-day party for the little girls looked after by the Sisters of Divya Jyoti. The kids were perky, enthusiastic, and brimming over with energy. Whether it was shaking a leg to groovy Bollywood tunes or trying their hands…….and legs at the creative games, their infectious enthusiasm completely floored everyone around. Full marks to the wonderful Sisters whose loving care has helped these kids from ‘troubled’ backgrounds blossom and grow. ‘Every good deed in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity’.


Easter Crossword Puzzle




Date Name Parents Place
08-Jan Ginelle Ann D’Silva Revon Agnelo & Merlyn Alfred Chakala
15-Jan Rolvin Rozario Ronney & Carmelina MIDC
22-Jan Fabiola Coelho Joseph & Fatima Chakala
29-Jan Dellan David Ralphson & Sophia Andheri
19-Feb Zellene D’Silva Naveen & Savita MIDC

Date Couple  
18-Feb Ramanendra Guddanti & Willonie Mendonca
18-Feb Camille Joseph Alex Polycarp & Jacinta Francisca D’Souza
19-Feb Augustine Gomes & Tompa Mallik


Date Name Place Age  
15-Feb Phylis Dias Dewalwadi 80 years
24-Feb Micheal FernandesChakala76 years
19-Mar Lucy MirandaJ.B.Nagar56 years
20-Mar Wilfred Dominic MirandaChakala52 years


  Executive Editor : Fr. Leo Soares S.J.
  Editorial Team : Sr. Alice Serrao, Maria Jain, Colette D'Souza
& Marietta Azavedo
  Publisher : Parish Priest, Holy Family Church

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