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Lent is the spring time of the year. A time when the whole of creation gets a new life after the cold season of winter. It is the time or season of renewal and of new life. It culminates with the feast of feasts, Easter – the feast of the risen Lord.

The forty days of Lent are symbolic of the forty days Jesus spent in the desert. What did Jesus do during those forty days? He prayed, fasted and reflected on who he was and his mission – and we find the answer to who he was and his method of salvation in his answers to the devil, who tried to tempt him to follow his methods.

The season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday (22nd Feb) and ends on Holy Saturday (7th April).


The traditional ways of practicing the discipline of Lent are fasting, alms giving and good works. Each one needs to decide in which way he/she will keep Lent.

In this issue of Family Khabar, we will read what Lent means to different people besides the usual columns like Saint of the Month, news items about the parish and parishioners and even a Lenten quiz. Here’s wishing you all a holy season of Lent and a happy Easter.


Fr. Leo Soares S.J. 





Gonsalo Garcia was a Franciscan brother, born in Bassein also called Vasai. He was educated by the Jesuits and worked with them for many years in Manila. But his many requests to enter the Society were always turned down, as it was not Jesuit policy to recruit Indians. Finally Gonsalo joined the Franciscans, came to Nagasaki, Japan, and with other members of his order set up the first Franciscan mission. These were already times of mild persecution of Christians, but worse was to come.

On February 5, six Franciscans (among whom was Brother Gonsalo), three Jesuits and 17 Japanese lay Catholics – a total of 26 persons were arrested and condemned to be crucified. They were strung up on crosses on a small hillock, in full view of the local people, and left to hang for some time before their executioners pierced each one with a lance.


The prayers of the martyrs mingled with their cries of agony, and “they gave up their lives so that all of us might believe in the love of the Father, the saving mission of the Son and the unerring guidance of the Holy Spirit” — as Pope John Paul II said on his visit to the martyrs’ shrine. The first martyrs of Japan have brought numerous blessings upon the Church in their country. St. Gonsalo Gracia pray for us.

Sr. Alice Serrao U.F.S


Lent - What it means?


Come February and we will soon be in the season of Lent. This set me a thinking ……. I happened to be out with my friends at lunch, when we got to planning a picnic to Khandala but it had to be before Lent, mind you…… so I asked each of them… Here’s what was expressed after a bit of thinking of course….

My friends from –

1) Parsiwada – Lent for me means to go within and find some meaning to Life….. a sort of training to self discipline and self restraint.

2) Takshila: For me Lent is more of a cleansing from within of intrinsic value – to restrict myself.
Consciously from hurting others – also fasting is a must at this time for me.

3) Bamanwada: It is a time when I try to influence my husband and often nag him to get into prayer more often…… of course I do it myself but I try to get him involved.


4) Charath Singh: Lent for me is nothing particular except that I don’t miss the services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday & Easter Sunday.

5) Gundowli :
a) A time to look into my inner self, examine my past, reflect & move ahead to be a better person.

b) For me Lent is a grace period given to me to spend or come closer to my Saviour Jesus

c) Myself: For me, Lent is a special time lent to me to look deep within myself, introspect & reflect on the suffering Christ – consciously make an effort to offer prayer & sacrifice. I must confess that I sometimes neglect my God, caught in the chores of everyday life, that I find no time to spend in prayer….. so for me this is a time in lent to reflect, repent and chide myself for my distractions and make a conscious efforts to come closer to the suffering Christ.

 Colette D’souza 





Beginning February 22, we embark on a spiritual journey that starts on Ash Wednesday and continues all the way through the darkness of Good Friday culminating in the resplendent victory of the Lord’s Resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday.

While undertaking a journey, one leaves behind all superfluous baggage and takes along only the basic necessities. Similarly, as we journey through Lent, we are called upon to do so only with a cleansed mind and heart leaving behind all those things that hinder us from accomplishing the aim and intent of our journey. In a way, penitential prayer, abstinence and acts of charity are the resources required to sustain us on our journey.


Most of us will no doubt turn vegetarian or give up some indulgence or the other, which is fine, but more importantly, we need to acknowledge and respond anew to what He has done for us, so as to feel a true spiritual rejuvenation. While we make this inner journey, it will help to remember that the Lord is always with us, to keep us going on our way towards the immense happiness of Easter. Here’s wishing you a meaningful and fruitful Lenten journey. Remember, He’ll be walking by your side!


Marietta Azavedo 




FAITHBOOK – THE CHOIR FESTIVAL : A choir festival titled ‘FAITHBOOK’ was held on Dec 10 & 11 2011 at St. Peter’s Parish organized by the Cadenza Cantori. Choirs from different parishes came to participate and spread the joy of Christmas. The Holy Family Parish Choir was one of them. It was heartwarming to see youth and children on the altar to deliver a message “Christ is a must at Christmas. What a joy to the world, that Christ is born”. We are the witnesses of this wonderful miracle and it is our religious duty to celebrate, feast and express our joy.

Talent is God’s given gift, so is Christ. This was our opportunity to do something for God. We sang the Christmas Praise and I sing to the Chief Musician in harmony arranged by Late Irwin Rebello. Many of those present praised the way we performed taking our Choir to the next level.


Some of our participants also sang the joint pieces along with the Professional Orchestra and other parishes as one big Choir Family. It was a treat and pride to watch our choir performing on such a high note! We would like to thank our Parish priest, Brother Leroy and the parents of all participants for their support. If you would like to showcase your musical talent, we rehearse every Saturday from 7 pm to 9 pm in the Parish Hall. Feel free to drop by!

Leevan Veigas





Thank you, dear parishioners, once again for your support in helping our program of "Reach Out" to the needy in the Parish. God Bless you all for your donations in cash and kind. Kindly collect your receipts from the Parish Office. Members of Society of St. Vincent de Paul
HFC, Chakala

      Members of Society of St. Vincent de Paul
HFC, Chakala





January 8, 2012, Feast of the Epiphany – Holy Family parish had yet another reason to celebrate ! It was decided to have the Parish feast celebration on this day and it began with a concelebrated Eucharist on the church ground on this cold winter evening. However, the feeling of community as we worshipped together blunted the effect of the icy winds sweeping across the city. As the Parish Pastoral Council had decided that “FELLOWSHIP” was to be the only theme for the celebration, the parishioners came geared for an evening of fun and camaraderie.

After the Eucharist, the programme began with the livewire hosts (the Parish Priest himself and Richelle) taking centrestage and keeping the crowd on their toes all through the celebration. Neil’s choir led the crowd in singing the Parish Anthem followed by the release of balloons. This was followed by an audio visual thanksgiving presentation on Holy Family Parish. We also remembered all those who keep the parish on its feet – all those who serve us in their own quiet ways. The dance groups who performed (including the little Senors and Senoritas who twirled and swished away) drew loud applause.


Julius and his band brought on nostalgia among the seniors as they played English and Hindi retro hits and then brought many young and not-so-young onto the dance floor as they played the Masala. Rovina D’Souza won the Caption Contest with her prize-winning entry : “She (Holy Family Parish) is our beautiful bride – caring for tiny tots to senior citizens is her pride.”

The winners of the Treasure Hunt which had been held a week earlier came up to whoops of joy and cheers from all those present. While the Tarun Bharat group finished first, the Konkani Liturgy and Charat Singh groups were the runners-up. They won handsome cash prizes, but at the same time, reflecting the parish motto of reaching out, also won a good sum for the charities of their choice.

We thank Fr. Gerard and the Parish Council for giving us yet another reason to say “I am proud to belong to Holy Family.” This evening truly brought us all together living out our Parish Vision Statement: TOGETHER TOWARDS FULLNESS OF LIFE IN OPENNESS AND INVOLVEMENT.”

Mary Saldanha




A caption contest titled “I am proud to belong to Holy Family Parish because……. “ was organized recently as part of our Parish Fiesta. The following captions were judged the Best Three:

…..she is our beautiful bride – caring for tiny tots to senior citizens is her pride”….Rovina D’Souza

…..Holy Family Parish is full of vigor, spirituality and creativity. It is like my home”…Angelica Cardoza

… feels WHOLLY like a FAMILY….. Jacintha Saldanha





All the sessions were enriching spiritually. It brought back memories of our childhood days, Sunday school, communion & confirmation catechesis. It helped us to understand what baptism is and its significance. What it means for the child and the parents. All sessions rightly focused on faith formation of the child. Further the final session with regards to the baptism day was very meaningful as most of us do not know the true significance of symbols associated with baptism of the child. The session did help us to come closer to God as it is very rare for working people to attend any spiritual workshops apart from the Sunday Eucharist and other important Eucharistic celebrations. The sessions covered all aspects of faith and not just baptism.

Cletus & Diana.

We learnt that becoming a Christian through baptism is not a one-time ceremony but a way of life. We as parents are meant to guide our child along this way of life, which can be quite a daunting task in today’s world. We are mere guardians of this gift from God, and as our child is filled with the graces of the Holy Spirit at baptism, may we too be filled with the graces necessary to be good Christian parents.

Rohan and Ridima Nair.


We had the pleasure of attending the pre-baptism course at your church during June 2011 and wish to convey our heartfelt gratitude to the moderators of the course. It was a great experience. We also had useful discussions and interactions on how we should bring up our child in an environment that is guided by good Christian values. We had an enriching experience during the course and wish to thank the Church and the moderators for this great course.

Lloyd & Shilpa Pinto

Children demand lots of attention. We need to give our child lots of love and affection, care and attention & above all good lessons. These days most mothers are also working women, hence the tasks of giving good teaching depends on both, the father and the mother. While our child grows, we grow as parents in our experience, wisdom and love.

Ivan & Diana Barboza




To make the living liturgy come alive some simple points:

  1. Come on time for Mass
  2. Respond to the prayers and singing aloud
  3. Keep the periods of silence to interiorize the ‘Word of God’
Remember, we are in Year 2 or cycle B for the reading at Mass.



Date Name Parents Place
18-Dec Azriel Fernandes Albert & Mary Gundowli
18-Dec Nethan Alexius Rodrigues Rivelino & Pricilla Andheri (E)
18-Dec Xandria Mendonca Adolph & Reena Chakala
01-Jan Rohan Joshua Sane Isaac & Sunayna Tarun Bharat

Date Couple  
17-Dec Melville D’mello & Maclyn Pamela Fernandes
17-Dec Melville D’mello & Maclyn Pamela Fernandes
18-Dec Rudolph Ronald Poojary & Reshma Poojary
18-Dec Diago Randolp Gonsalves & Elfrida D’Souza
20-Dec Joel Francis Dias & Ancel Juanita D’Souza
22-Dec Sreeraj Nair & Novia Vaz
28-Dec Johnson Xavier Francis & Laveena Jancy
28-Dec Amit Kumar Minj & Swati Toppo
28-Dec Inacio Rodrigues & Sharon Rodrigues
29-Dec Gabrial Almedia & Ammy Andrey Fernandes
30-Dec Vicky Cyril D’Souza & Tina Christaline D,Mello
30-Dec Gerald Franky Xavier & Norma Flavia Remedious
30-Dec Melwyn D’silva & Cassandra D’Souza
07-Jan Rohan D’Souza & Erica Menezes
21-Jan Avinash Chander Kumar & Merlyn Fernandes
03-Feb Russell Gaitonde & Sunitha Machado
11-Feb Kishore Bhaktha & Sylvia John


Date Name Place Age  
18-Dec Michael Joseph Snehasadan 40 years
20-Dec Nelson D’PenhaGundowli79 years
21-Dec Mary PereiraKajuwadi61 years
31-Dec Romeo PintoKajuwadi67 years
01-Jan Manju FernandesAndheri(E)64 years
05-Jan Martin AzavedoChakala60 years
07-Jan Amit Stevan CorreaChakala36 years
08-Jan Noel J.H. CharbiwalaKajuwadi25 years
13-Jan Alex Anthony D’SouzaBamanwada28 years
14-Jan Manuel Francis FernandesKajuwadi75 years
26-Jan Peter Domnic GonsalvesChakala70 years


  Executive Editor : Fr. Leo Soares S.J.
  Editorial Team : Sr. Alice Serrao, Maria Jain, Colette D'Souza
& Marietta Azavedo
  Publisher : Parish Priest, Holy Family Church

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