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Come, Lord Jesus, come. Come into my heart, come into my family, come into our world. That is our prayer in this season of Advent and in the Christmas season. There can be no better request or intention in our prayer as His coming would transform us all and make the world a better place.

In this 150th birth anniversary of the poet R. Tagore, we remember his poem: “Have you not heard this silent steps? He comes, comes ever comes. Every moment and every age, every day and every night, He comes, comes, ever comes. Many a song have I sung in many a mood of mind, but all their notes have always proclaimed, He comes, comes ever comes………” But do we want Jesus in our lives?


We make preparations to celebrate Christmas by cleaning our houses, preparing sweets and food dishes, stitching new clothes, sending Christmas wishes and attending parties. Christmas is not Santa Claus but baby Jesus. And if we love our baby we need to take care of him / her. That demands from us an attitude of caring and generosity towards our children- not only our own biological children but all of God’s children. Christmas comes to remind us to expand the circle of our world to encompass all men and women – to make the cries and agonies of people, their joys and sorrows, their hopes and despair, our own. It is by this oneness with all of humanity that we will reach the divine. 



Fr. Leo Soares S.J. 




Cake Ingredients:

250gms Maida/250gms butter/250gms sugar
5 Eggs
Vanilla Essence 1 tea spoon
Baking Powder 1 tea spoon


Glazed Red Cherry  cut into halves & Greens (trim them like leaves)100gms each

Red Raspberry jam –  3 table spoons
Boiled water – 1 table spoon
Desiccated coconut 200gms

Mix the cake batter and kept it aside.  Take cup cake tray, put  readily available butter paper /cake glider in each niche/mould). 

Pre-heat the oven. In each niche/mould put 2 table spoon cake batter and level it. 


Bake for  30-45mins on medium heat.  When done remove the cup cakes and put another set( if cake batter remains).  When cooled, turn them upside down.  Take  a   large tray, cover it  with butter paper, and place the cakes leaving enough room between each. Heat the Raspberry jam on slow fire & add the water – till it  appears liquidy.  When the jam  is cool, take a spoon & spread  it on every cake, and then sprinkle desiccated coconut over it.    Put the half cherry in the centre of each cake, and place the green leaves around as seen in the picture “holy resemble” 

Hazel D’Souza




My earliest memories of Christmas involved ‘Santa’ coming to school on the Christmas party day and distributing sweets. Christmas during childhood meant a week or so of the whole house filled with the aroma of different Christmas goodies being prepared. Time was when we would distribute sweets among our neighbours and relatives on Christmas day. Today sadly we are losing this tradition. But as children my favourite memories involve decorating the house, putting up lights and of course setting up the Christmas tree. We used to generally do this on 23rd night egged on by Jim Reeves melodious voice singing Christmas songs and the delicious aroma of freshly baked cakes. Even now when I listen to Jim Reeves go “Jing-a-ling-a-ling” I recall my childhood days during Christmas.


As I grew up another favorite memory is that of us four friends unfailingly making it a point to visit each others homes every Christmas in the evening. We inevitably would end up visiting my home at the end. We kept this up for over 15 years. So in a way Christmas helped strengthen our friendship.

My favourite memory though is of Christmas 2001 when my son Rishon was 6 months old. We bought him a cute Santa-esque costume for Christmas. The wonder in his eyes and innocent happiness on his face as he saw the lights and decorations of Christmas is forever etched in my mind. The fact that I have those pictures have helped keep this memory alive. As time passes by I’m sure my list of Christmas memories is going to grow longer. Truly as the Christmas song goes, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”.

 Roshan D’Souza 




Everyone’s favorite season of joy, hope and good tidings is here.  This special season brings with it a cache of warm and nostalgic memories.  Each of us has a favorite childhood memory – mine goes back to the time when I was about six years of age.  Christmas then centered, as any child’s would, on gifts brought specially for my two siblings and me by the jolly Mr. Claus.  About a fortnight ahead of Christmas, our parents would ask us to jot down our choice of toys on a piece of paper, which we’d do faster than lightening.  Of course, issues like BIG price tags didn’t bother our little heads.   Later we would suspend the chits from the bars of our bedroom window for Santa to collect. We were told to be on our best behavior as Santa was watching and that he would pick the chits of the good children first and the bad ones last.  The clever machinations of adults!!   

Every morning after that, I’d wake up bright and early (without having to be yanked out of bed) to check if Santa had taken away my chit.  It seemed like I was permanently on Santa’s ‘Naughty List’, as my chit invariably disappeared last.  Then on Christmas eve, we’d head for midnight Mass.


Even the exquisite choir couldn’t stop our minds from wandering to the treasures we’d find underneath our pillows on our return from Mass.  Not once did we doubt Santa’s ability to get his umm….. abundantly chubby frame through our narrow window grills.  Sure enough, our toys would be waiting for us along with a generous helping of my mom’s delectably delightful, newly baked Christmas goodies.   This charming ritual went on for a few more years, until the day I ‘accidentally’ discovered my Wish List gifts hidden in my dad’s bag, two days before Christmas.  It didn’t take me long to put two and two together to make four.   The incident tossed me right out of my dream world in to the real world of grown-ups.  So did I feel cheated and disillusioned?  Naaaah.  On the contrary, we will always be grateful to our parents for infusing our childhood with such magical moments, even if it meant stretching a really tight family budget. The magic endures to this day and will in the days to come.  Indeed, gifts or no gifts Christmas will always be a beautiful reminder of that momentous day over 2000 years ago when the world was given its Savior.  Here’s hoping that each one of you is enfolded in the spirit of this wonderful season.  Have a Blessed Christmas!

Marietta Azavedo 


             You are cordially invited to the celebration of our parish feast Family Fiesta 2012” on January 8, 2012. We begin with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 6 pm on the Holy Family Church grounds followed by a variety of enjoyable programmes. There will also be an array of food stalls for you to explore and some groovy game stalls for you to try your luck. 

            We guarantee you an evening of fun and entertainment.  We want you to enjoy every bit of being a part of our wonderful family that is the Holy Family parish.  So see you there! 

              May God Bless you and your families with love, peace and joy on this feast of the Holy Family and throughout the New Year 



Come December and the spirit of Christmas fills the air, carols softly echoing everywhere, telling of  the miracle that came from God on High. This aura permeates our very being with the coming joy of Christmas.

My thoughts go down memory lane in the late 1950s, when as a little girl in a family of seven children, I visualize with nostalgia mum & dad hovering over the minutest details to make Christmas come alive in our home at Sahar, then a simple but comely hamlet and without electricity! I remember the months preceeding Christmas --my Dad with the other elders of the village, running from pillar to post to get the long promised electricity to Sahar and it was rumoured that we would surely have lights for Christmas. Looking back I just wonder how we carried on without electricity those were the days ample living but high thinking

We, in Sahar were anxiously awaiting that day  for it to happen, infact the wiring work was complete & lights too were installed,  only waiting for the current to flow when lo and behold the news came that we could at last switch on the lights just two days prior to Christmas.


As we waited with bated breath for night to spread her veil of darkness over Sahar Dad announced that the villagers had taken a decision not to switch on the lights until we came home from the Midnight Mass, for as he  said, first the  lights  would be switched on in Church to welcome the New Born Babe  with the church bells chiming at midnight.  
Our spirits sank, no pleadings, Dad’s word was law... and the decision-even to our immature minds-did make sense. We dressed for the Midnight Mass new Christmas attire et al --but  in the glow of the candlelight the Light of Christ was coming

As the years roll by I always think of this memory that will never fade realize what a beautiful gesture ....what a beautiful thought that was! Hats off to our dads & mums for instilling such values in our innocent hearts and minds. It was indeed the Light of Christmas shinning in our homes that year. How welcome!! How uplifting! How memorable!

Merry Christmas!
Happy Memories!

Colette Dsouza




‘Hi Adele! Howz life? Hey you are not to be seen around these days after confirmation, where have you been? Have you been christmas planning, shopping, sweet making???’ called Sandra. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? These are some of the regular questions that we ask and answer all through the Advent season.

Christmas,  among us youth, means late night parties, new clothes, distribution and consumption of sweets (making/buying is parents’ duty), shopping etc.

Hey caution! Weren’t we told that Christmas is a time when we celebrate the incarnation of JESUS or the BIRTH of JESUS? Isn’t Christ ?????, these days, from Christmas?

I was sailing in the same boat till a few days back when I experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit at confirmation. Christmas has taken an altogether new meaning in my life. For  me, today Christmas  means JESUS PITCHING HIS TENT AMONG US, I .E, GOD BECOMING MAN. This will make sense only if I have had a fruitful season of Advent. Did I hear you say, ‘What do you mean?’ It is just cause and effect. Advent (cause), is important as it is the time given by Mother Church to prepare the way for the Lord in our lives, to grow spiritually. This will determine how meaningful my Christmas (effect) is.


Christmas calls me to do what Jesus did, to do the Father’s will, leave His higher Self and to squeeze Himself into the body of a little babe. By His very birth He taught us to be humble.  I need to leave behind pride and hypocrisy and live just like the Word of God tells me in Romans12:21. Only when I make this change in my life, not on my own, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will I experience true liberation. I pray that this Christmas I may be true to my calling as the words of the following hymn go:

Christmas is a call

Deep, deep, in the human heart

the fire of justice burns

A vision of a world

renewed through radical concern.

Now Christmas is a call to set the captives free

To overcome the evil powers and end hypocrisy

      Adele Godinho




Jesus was the Son of God who was brought up in a poor family. His father was a carpenter and His mother helped him. Joseph and Mary were chosen by God. The angel gave the message to them. They both agreed with God. Soon, Mary and Joseph got married and Mary gave birth to Jesus.  Jesus was a kind child. He helped His parents in repairing things. This tells me that we must always help our parents and speak to them with respect. Christmas is a festival of the Christians. It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is very important to prepare ourselves well for this event. As time passes by, all the families eagerly wait for December.


When it is time, everyone starts the preparation for Jesus to enter their homes. After a few days, everyone decorates their homes. But for me, Christmas means, “GETTING CLOSER TO GOD.” Even though Jesus was the Son of God, He was born in a stable in Bethlehem, baptised in the river Jordan and died in Jerusalem. By reading and understanding God’s Word, I would get closer to God ……. This is why Christmas is so meaningful to me.


Angelica Cardoza (Std.V)




Christmas is here. A time for joy and celebration. But also a time to reflect, renew and hope. Let not Christmas be only about material things- new clothes, gifts, dancing and drinking. Let us look beyond to what Christmas really means. The birth of a baby brings with it new joy and hope. After a long period of patient waiting and sacrifice, a child is born.  It brings great joy and gladness to the mother alongwith a sense of renewed responsibility and effort. Raising a child involves time, patience, effort, infinite love and responsibility. Hence the birth of Jesus reminds us that along with the festivities we should enjoy Christmas responsibly. In the bubbly that overflows in every home, let it not be overdone. Amidst the dancing, drinking and merry making, let us remember to also make small sacrifices that would make Christmas more meaningful to us and others. Maybe we can reach out in a small way to some underprivileged family and make their Christmas brighter.


We can resolve this Christmas to set aside a few minutes for daily prayer as we know a family that prays together, stays together. Perhaps there are people out there grappling with different problems-frustrations, disappointments, sadness or dreams unfulfilled. Let all of us place our problems in the crib with Jesus. He is the answer to everything and as we surrender ourselves to him, we shall see the light more clearly. For the youth and students for whom life is far more challenging today, walk dear friends, close to Jesus, following his precepts and seeking his guidance at every step. You will be in safe hands. Lastly for those who are lonely, depressed, the aged and castaways of society let the birth of Jesus bring new blessings and hope. May the Baby Jesus hear their cries and wipe their tears. Because our star is born who will now bring light to even the darkest night.  Have a responsible Christmas.

Maria Jain




The steering Committee planned and organized the Talent Fest which was held on 6th Nov. 2011 on the church Grounds. Nine communities participated to bring home the message that strong roots and values are the basis of a healthy family. They conveyed this message through dance, skits and songs. Some new faces were seen on the stage. We are fortunate to have different members with exceptional talents. The compering was done by people of different age groups.


There were children of different age and youth, adult and senior citizens. There were mouth watering, and delicious varieties of food stalls. Community members came forward to put up stalls. The purpose of this is coming together and bringing unity among the members in the community. Hats off to the steering committee members and all the community animators. 

Celestine Dias




Christmas so true to its name is the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each and every one has different view about Christmas. For some it may be laughing and spending time with loved ones, putting up decorations. For adolescarts like me, it is good food, presents, no school – altogether a top notch holiday, etc. In this new world of luxuries it is so sad that we have got away from the true nearing of Christmas.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year not only for the holly but for the true meaning of Christmas.


To me Christmas means welcoming Jesus into our hearts and a celebration of his birth. Christmas is not all about presents and material things. It is a time to forget all worries the hatred and ill feelings you have against people a time to spend with loved ones. But not just loved ones, as there are many others who don’t have a family, are isolated or lonely. We can reach out to hen too because no one should spend this joyous festival alone.


Melwyn Carlo


Christmas Word Search




The SCC is a new way of being church, & the family is the smallest unit of the Church.  How do we get the people of this local Church together? How do these people witness to the people of other faith? The Togetherness Day brought the people of our Chakala Community together for prayer, fellowship and fun. 26 clusters in our community celebrated Togetherness Day on 6th October. Although the 6th of October was a working day for a few, the response for this event was good. Some clusters could not have it on this day hence they organized this progamme on another day. The animators of our Community put in a lot of effort and initiative. Cluster meetings preceded the event, to try and reach a consensus as to how the programme should be arranged. Various responsibilities were delegated, and effort was made for maximum participation. The children, youth, elderly persons and the senior citizens participated. The programme started with prayers and the breaking of the bread and sharing of the wine. The unleavened bread was ordered for all clusters. This was followed by games, singing, dance etc. Some clusters served snacks, whereas many had dinner. There was the aroma of vindaloo, sorpotel, xacutti, in the air all around that day. The humble pao was vying for attention along with the handmade rotis, sannas, foogyas and varas. There was a blend of ethnic cuisine along with the cultures. It was an enjoyable evening for all the members of the Chakala Community to remember. A special thanks to all the animators for their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm, which made this day possible.

John Fernandes



Date Name Parents Place  
16-Oct Abbey Hodiwalla Adil & Sinatra Chakala

23-Oct Eliseus D’Souza Lester & Clemy Naigaon (E)
23-Oct Emmanuel Nicholas Fernandes Patrick & Aarit Charat Singh
30-Oct Gracious Fernandes Geraldo & Louisa Kajuwadi
30-Oct Nathan Pereira Vincent & Natasha Tarun Bharat
06-Nov Craig Fernandes Kenneth & Carol Charat Singh
27-Nov Avril Barboza Ivan & Diana Tarun Bharat
04-Dec Leron D’Souza Larkins & Sharon Ghatkopar
04-Dec Skyler Abner Bayross Sheldon & Delia Dewoolwadi
11-Dec Nikhil Ashyari Sadanand & Theresa Andheri(E)
11-Dec Ronaldo Almeida Rolan & Delita Andheri(E)
11-Dec Kingley Solomon Vaz Stanley & Krizian Malad(W)

Date Couple  
22-Oct Robin D’Souza & Sophia Fenandes
23-Oct Roque Savio Bras Pinto & Lynette Sequeira
23-Oct Anaclet Peter Fernandes & Marietta Theresa Tellis
20-Oct Royden D’Souza & Noella Esperance Fernandes
11-Nov Orton Aubin Pereira & Priyanka Genevieve Shirodkar
12-Nov Sunil Deric Danti & Ancilla Fernandes
19-Nov Nicklas Anthony Fernandes & Virgina Agnes D’Souza
19-Nov Danny D’Souza & Jennifer Fernandes
27-Nov Ranjit Ian Shinde & Simone  Lucia D’Souza
05-Dec Kumar S. Kumar & Sandra Fernandes
10-Dec Jude Richard D’souza & Averil Linda Pereira


Date Name Place Age  
24-Oct James Monthu Pereira Kajuwadi 60 years
25-Oct Leena Lawrence D’Souza Charat Singh II 58 years
03-Nov Jean Edge Gundowli 59 years
12-Nov Virginia P D’Souza Chakala 73 years
16-Nov Celina Rodrigues Kajuwadi 62 years
17-Nov Sr. Florence D’Silva Divine Child 61 years
02-Dec Pramila David Koldongri 68 years
05-Dec Christina Lobo Kajuwadi 65 years
07-Dec Stella D’Souza Chakala 64 years


  Executive Editor : Fr. Leo Soares S.J.
  Editorial Team : Sr. Alice Serrao, Maria Jain, Colette D'Souza
& Marietta Azavedo
  Publisher : Parish Priest, Holy Family Church

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