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January - February 2011



Song for a New Beginning


Let me start again
Take the pieces of my brokenness
Fill the spaces in my emptiness
Let me start again
Let me start with you Lord
Everything begins with you
All my winnings and all my losings
All begin in you

What inspiring words! On 1st January 2011, we heralded the start of the new year. It is the time to start anew. New beginnings, new promises, new efforts and renewed hope. Perhaps the last year was not one of our best years. Perhaps we encountered failures, faced numerous challenges, had many anxious moments. Maybe our hope lies diminished, our mind is weary and body tired. But let us remember that each new dawn brings with it new hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, a happier and healthier tomorrow. For nothing is impossible for the Lord. He can take all our yesterdays, our sorrows, our failures, our disappointments and make something beautiful out of it.

The Lord's disciples were not successful, clever or educated men. And yet the Lord chose them for his


good work. So this new year let us turn ourselves over to the Lord in a spirit of trust and surrender. Let us take courage and trust that we are secure in his hands. That nothing will befall us that is not his will or beyond our bearing capacity. And that he will lead us every step of the way this new year. Let me end with another beautiful stanza of the song.

Come take my living into your life
Let my breath echo your side
All my fortune needs you Lord
Take complete control
May my life end to see me
Trusting for your power to heal me
Fill my fragmentation, Jesus
You can make me whole
Come let me rise to greet the morning
Let me catch the dew a falling
Let the tidings of the new day
Keep my courage strong.

(This song is taken from a CD by Fr. Peter Gonsalves)

Fr. Leo Soares S.J. and Maria Jain




Saint John Bosco accomplished what many people considered an impossibility; he walked through the streets of Turin, Italy, looking for the dirtiest, roughest urchins he could find, then made good men of them. His extraordinary success can be summed up in the words of his patron Saint, Francis de Sales: "The measure of his love was that he loved without measure". He was born in 1815 in the village of Becchi in the Piedmont district of northern Italy and reared on his parents' small farm.

Although his life was hard, he was a happy, imaginative child. Even as a boy, John found innocent fun compatible with religion. To amuse his friends he learned how to juggle and walk a tightrope; but he would entertain them only on condition that each performance begin and end with a prayer. As a seminarian he devoted his spare time to looking after the ragamuffins who roamed the slums of the city. Every Sunday he taught them catechism, supervised their games and entertained them with stories and tricks; before long his kindness had won their confidence, and his "Sunday School" became a ritual with them. After his ordination in 1841, he became assistant to the chaplain of an orphanage at Valocco, on the outskirts of Turin.


The first oratory was established and named for Saint Francis de Sales. Enrollment increased so rapidly that by 1849 there were three oratories in various places in the city.

Don Bosco went to Rome in 1858 and, at the suggestion of Pope Pius IX, drew up a rule for his community, the Society of Saint Francis de Sales (Salesians). Four years later he founded an order for women, the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians, to care for abandoned girls. Finally, to supplement the work of both congregations, he organized an association of lay people interested in aiding their work.

Don Bosco died on January 31, 1888. The Salesians grew so rapidly in number and fervour that at the founder's death, there were already 200 houses and these had fostered 2500 vocations.

He was canonized in 1934 by Pope Pius XI. The work of John Bosco continues today in over a thousand Salesian oratories throughout the world. No modern saint has captured the heart of the world more rapidly than this smiling peasant-priest from Turin, who believed that to give complete trust and love is the most effective way to nourish virtue in others.

Dr. Nicolas Antao




In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit we begin our short writing with the Trinity. The subject of my writing is the number "3". Animate and inanimate beings have many illustrations of the number `3'. We started this piece with the Trinity. Only when beings have a philosophical or theological relation we shall make mention of them. The three angles in a geometrical figure are used to throw light on the Trinity. St. Patrick used the "Shamrock" to convert Ireland ie. a plant with one stem and three leaves.

In Scripture we come across several examples of the number `3'. In the beginning God created Adam, Eve and the serpent (Gen 2). Later on in Genesis, 3 persons came to visit Abraham (Gen 18). In the New Testament, three wise men came to greet and worship the new born king (Mt. 2:1-12)

On Mount Tabor Jesus strengthens his three apostles: Peter, James and John for his passion and death (Lk. 9:28-36). In the temple Jesus spoke about his rising from the dad after three days. But the Jews at that time thought that he was referring to the temple that took forty years to build.


At the Last Supper, Jesus foretold Peter's three-fold denial (Mt. 26:34). In the Garden of Gethsemane in his agony Jesus cried three times for the same intention, "Let this chalice pass from me (Mt. 26:42). Peter re-established his closeness to Jesus by his three- fold repentance (Jn.21)

The Tridentine Canon has the mystical No.3 (Eucharist Prayer I) namely gift of Abel, sacrifice of Abraham Our Father in Faith and the Bread and Wine offered by your Priest Melchizedech.

The idea of expatiating on the number three is to rivet our attention to one thing and find similarities and thus cement our religious beliefs. As the noted American author James Hudson Taylor once said: "Three are three stages in the work of God- Impossible, Difficult & Done".

I end with the words taken from St. John's Gospel: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life". The way is narrow, the truth is bitter and unpalatable, yet vital and eternal life is our only consolation and final goal.

Dunstan Nunes




The Christmas season and the New Year provides us with an opportunity to witness Christ to the non-Christians. The Chakala community began this witnessing by taking out a procession on the feast of Christ the King. Children, youth, and elders, numbering over 200, came in procession from the community to the church, carrying placards and flags, and singing hymns.

Another way we witnessed was by going around in our area, singing carols and distributing sweets. The third way was by putting up cribs with various themes. The standout crib being the one put up by the youth of Chakala. The spirit of generosity is active during Christmas time and so we have our community


distributing Christmas hampers to the underprivileged families with the help of sponsors. Some go a step further, by distributing sweets to the bereaved families. A couple of members of our Community sponsored hampers for the underprivileged families of the First Holy Communicants so that they could at least cook a decent meal at their home and distribute snacks to their neighbours. The receiving part was by way of advent talk, the theme for this year was, "The Joy of Receiving and Giving". The talk was in English and Konkani. The celebrations in our Chakala community were rounded off by having a grand Christmas tree for all. There were games, housie, singing and dance. The young and the old had a gala time.

John Fernandes




Together towards the fullness of life in openness and involvement this is our parish vision statement. This was the buzz word for the celebration of our parish feast on January 9, 2011. The feast was preceded by a Triduum.

We began our celebration with a concelebrated feast mass at 9.30 a.m. The theme of the celebrations was `I love Holy Family'. The celebration began with a prayer dance by the Ashadeep children, Then the live band took over! Yes, it was our parish choir in its new avatar as the Holy Family Band. And they kept the crowd rooting for them all through the evening. As they took the parishioners through the newly composed theme Song We Thrive, the gas balloons were released by the children.

The senior parishioners gave us a glimpse into the celebration of the feast 50 years ago. The youth gave their interpretation of where Holy Family Parish stands today, and the Altar Servers zoomed twenty years ahead and gave us a peek into Harmony 2030 Holy Family Kal, Aaj, aur Kal!

Then followed the Mr. and Mrs. Holy Family contest for the seniors which tested their memories and


wit. And when the winners were announced, there were loud cheers and applause for them.

The Jesuit fathers of our Parish had us all in splits as they sang their hearts out celebrating their Jesuit life, having tweaked the words of a popular song. All through the evening, the aroma of sheekh kababs and sorpotel had the crowd making a beeline for the food stalls and many of our families decided to make a night of it and had their dinner there. The games stalls put up by the youth of our parish kept the young and not so old enthralled with their contests of skill and dexterity. These stalls also afforded an opportunity for many to meet long lost friends and acquaintances and the buzz in the area was testimony to the fact that at Holy Family, we are very much one community. We also jogged our memories a bit as we watched vignettes of our parish life during the past ten years.

Holy Family parish also played host to the children of Divya Jyoti convent. These children put up a beautiful dance for us and they had the time of their lives. The parish thanks the members of the PPC and the large team of volunteers who put together the entire event. May this spirit of a common purpose and common vision keep us going right through the year and thereafter!

Mary Saldanha




300 years ago on the 16th of January 1710, Fr. Joseph Vaz passed away and we celebrate his passing away from this earth to heaven. During his life time, he did a lot to restore and spread the faith not only in Goa but in Mangalore and Sri Lanka too. He had to undergo the hardships of travel, hunger, sickness and the fear of being caught by people like the Dutch Protestants. His preaching was accompanied by many cures and miracles. His witness to the faith deserves our respect and honour. Not much is known about him by the people. But that is being remedied by books written about him and even a movie, on his life being made. As a son of the soil of India we can be sure he will intercede for us and that our petitions will be granted. We pray that we too might imitate his heroic faith and that he be raised to sainthood in the Church.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J.




A programme titled "Catholic and still loving it" was organized by the Family of Faith Foundation, Mumbai, on our School Grounds on 13 January 2011 and was presided over by Bishop Agnelo Gracias. Bishop Agnelo, in the introduction, exhorted the gathering to `taste the treasures of our faith'. The main speaker was Steve Ray, a renowned apologist, who will be giving a series of talks in India on various topics related to our faith. In his opening talk, he spoke of his own spiritual and biblical journey toward the Catholic faith. He spoke of the ancient Church that Christ founded-the Catholic Church and took the assembly through a brief but spellbinding journey back to the time of the first Christians such as Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp of Smyrna and Justin Martyr. He ended with an allegorical reference to `The Ships and Rafts' to explain the fullness of our faith, which we as Catholics, often fail to appreciate. The infusion of prayerful hymns filled the gathering with an enduring sense of God's presence and a thirst for more.

Marietta Azavedo




"God's Word is His Pledge" - A beautiful feeling experienced by the children and the organizers of Vacation Bible Joy 2010. The 3 days of joyful moments made us realize that God will allow His "Word" to remain with us and by it He will allow us to feel our strength. With the word with us we can find our way in a strange land, our justice in the midst of injustice, our support despite uncertainty, our strength in work, patience in suffering. Vacation bible joy made us experience joy in the Lord. Let us pray that this joyful spirit of VBJ continues to be a part of our parish for many more years to come.

Rupa Fernandes




Chakala - On Saturday 15th January, 2011 the 52nd Annual East Indian Singing Competition was held at the Chakala bazaar ground. 31 singers from all over Bombay and Salcete Island took part. They were accompanied by Alwyn's band from Khar. The people enjoyed themselves regaled by the music, food and drink. The young boys group with help of Shiv Sena of Chakala, the Papia group with Mr. Charlie Sangle deserved to be congratulated for organizing this cultural programme.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J.

For your attention : Those desiring to write a topical article for Family Khabar are welcome to do so. Kindly do so in 250 words and send it to the Editors by the 15th of the month. All matters sent in are subject to acceptance and editing by the editors.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J.

Thank you Note : Members of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul thank all our generous parishioners for helping to make Christmas 2010 gift hampers for the poor and needy of our Parish a grand success. Looking forward to new members, youth, housewives, working women and men joining us. We meet every Wednesday at 7.45 p.m. in the Parish Mini Hall.

S.V.P. Members



Date Name Parents Place  
05-December Simone Almeida Clyde & Lalita Andheri(E)
05-December Roel Pinto Oscar & Reena Andheri(E)
05-December Nathan Michael Gonsalves Fabian & Nerissa Tarun Bharat
12-December Noletta Nyushka Raymond Michael & Irma Chakala
12-December Renay Ann Carlos Ashwin & Melissa Vakola
12-December Rigel Luke D'Cruz Anjeet & Dina Charat Singh
19-December Joshua Mendonca Sebian & Carmelina Chakala
26-December Veronica D'Souza Victor & Leena Chakala
26-December Nathan D'Souza Byron & Lavina Andheri(E)
09-January Delina D'Souza Donald &Vineeta Kajuwadi
16-January Mitali Tumsare Nagesh & Stela Kajuwadi
16-January Kiaan D'Cruz Alfred & Poonam Andheri(E)
16-January Rajendran Nadar Rajesh & Bithose Vile Parle


Date Couple  
04-December Eldridge Johann Britto & Tanya Melanie Maria D'Monte
04-December Victor D'Souza & Philomena D'Souza
05-December Hemant Gethe & Dionne Isabel Lobo
11-December Krishna Achari & Janet Dorothy Martis
15-December Bernard D'Sa & Janet Joylin Mathias
17-December Joel Franics Lewis & Molita Jasmine Coelho
22-December Sheldon Bayross & Delia Kwan
30-December Steven Rodrigues & Malina Sangle
01-January Ashley Furtado & Janet D'Souza
02-January Sunny Soares & Preeti D'Sa
03-January Elvis Correa & Roshni D'Souza
08-January Darren Cajetan Alvares & Reshma Dina D'Souza
08-January Vijay Anil Quadras & Ayeesha Narissa Farro
08-January Frederik Baptista & Gladys D'Souza
16-January Roshan D'Souza & Ipshita Mukherjee
29-January Nigel D'Souza & Fazula Patel


Date Name Place Age  
26-November Suzanne D'Souza Chakala 90 years
03-December Chrispy J. Andrades Gundowli 73 years
10-December Eva Fernandes Parsiwada 96 years
15-December Joseph Williams Koldongri 54 years
28-December Carmelina Fernandes Kajuwadi 81 years
29-December Joseph Francis Bugri Andheri(E) 58 years
04-January Joseph Stanley Nash J. B. Nagar 84 years
19-January Mathias Peter Fernandes Kajuwadi 49 years
20-January Alice Fernandes Parsiwada 91 years


  Executive Editor : Fr. Leo Soares S.J.
  Editorial Team : Sr. Alice Serrao, Maria Jain, Colette D'Souza
& Marietta Azavedo
  Layout & Design : Bindu Arts, Mumbai - 400 072.
  Publisher : Parish Priest, Holy Family Church


March - April 2011



As we come to the end of the season of Lent, we enter Holy Week with the solemn liturgies before the feast of Easter. It is the most important feast of the Church as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus - his victory over sin and death. And just as at Spring the whole of creation comes alive, the church comes alive . We wish our parishioners, a happy Easter….the peace and joy of the risen Lord.

We have an article on the meaning of Easter in this issue besides a write up on the saint of the month - St. Joseph. You can check out how much you know about this feast by doing the quiz. Besides we have the usual news items or happenings in the parish.With Easter, God is no longer distant and Christ does not remain in the past as the risen Christ is here….the Gospel throbs with life…the Church is not merely an organization but communion in the Trinity, our common worship not a mere ceremonial or duty but a memorial and anticipation of the fullness of life.


Saint of the Month - ST. JOSEPH
Feast day March 19th


St. Joseph was the guardian of Our Lady and the foster father of the incarnate Word Jesus. Because of his role in our salvation history, he has been declared patron of the universal Church in 1870 and in 1955, Pope Pius XII added the title, Patron of Workmen and this feast is celebrated on 1st May which is workers day throughout the world.

There is little mention of St. Joseph in the Bible in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. In Mt 1:20 we have the angel appearing in a dream to Joseph asking him to take Mary as his wife. In Mt2:13 we have an angel telling Joseph to take Mary and the child and flee to Egypt and in verse 19 he is told by the angel that


Herod had died and to return to Israel with Mary and Jesus. All these things he did as a good husband and father.

What does it mean to be a good husband and father? We can get clues to the answer by contemplating the life of St. Joseph. He was a devout man , a man who cared for his wife and son and in this quiet, self effacing way proved to be a good father and husband. His daily work as a carpenter enabled him besides earning his bread to walk the way of sanctification.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J.




Tarun Bharat community visited the Home of Charity which is run by the Sisters of Carmelites at Versova, Andheri West.

The Home has about 34 children and they are looked after very well by the sisters.  Sr. Carol took us around the home and introduced us to the children. It is basically for children who are handicapped and it was sad to see some children who cannot see nor hear and they had to be fed by tubes. The Home was kept very clean and neat.  The sisters give hope to the poorest of children, those who are orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable by enabling them to grow within the love


of a family and the security of a home.  Our Community goes for such visits every year during the season of lent.

 Also during the Lenten season, Stations of the cross is conducted in our clusters on Sundays.  Each cluster organizes the station of the cross on Sunday evening from 5 pm to 6 pm.   After the service, we have a short talk given by the Ministers of the word.  On the last Sunday of Lent, the Station of the Cross is followed with Praise and worship conducted by the Word Ministry.  We have a good attendance for the entire services conducted during the Season of Lent.

Mrs. Josephine Vaz


Recognising the Presence of the Risen Lord


Three common features of the Post Easter appearances (from God of Surprises of Gerard Hughes S.J. ) of the Risen Christ.

  1. The First Feature: Those to whom the Risen Lord appears are portrayed as being in a Negative State of Mind - the women in Marks Gospel (Mk 16:3) are terrified out of their wits, the two disciples on the road to Emmaus(Lk24:14) are sad and disillusioned. Mary Magdalene is near the tomb weeping (Jn 20:11) the disciples are hiding behind closed doors.

  2. The Second Feature : The slowness of those to whom Christ appears to recognize that it is the Risen Lord. The 2 disciples take a few hours and quite a few miles walking before they recognize


Jesus in the breaking of the bread. Mary Magdalene mistakes him for the gardener, the disciples in Galilee think it is a ghost (Jn:20)

  1. The Third Feature : Those to whom HE appears are commissioned to go and tell others. - the women tell John and Peter, the two disciples tell the others and Jesus himself tells Mary Magdalene" go to the brothers and tell them, I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God (Jn20:17) So don't worry if youn are sad and disheartened or disillusioned. Become aware of his joyful and comforting presence and go and tell everyone that the Lord has risen indeed- Alleluia Alleluia!

Fr. Simon D'Souza S.J.


Fr. Avon Ne Jhatka Mara! - Parish Mission


Mumbai Hindi, Apli Marathi, Amchi Bhas, English he observed no language barrier! With his down to earth style, Fr. Avon sfx. drove home his point to every person in the congregation whether he spoke about the need for a "God Experience," the importance of prayer, marriage, love for one's spouse and for the church, etc, etc.

His talks were interspersed with anecdotes from his own life both in Mumbai and Arunachal Pradesh. And his earthly metaphors and parables using everyday life incidents were so Jesus like (as brought out by Fr. Gerard in his `thank you' speech)

Fr. Avon offered simple solutions: For a God-experience avoid sin and become aware of God's presence in your life.

  • When you pray- don't bribe God with flattery and praise for make endless petitions; just express your trusting dependence on him

  • For a healthy marriage - use LOVE as an acronym:


L Listening to the other

O overlooking his/her fault

V let God be victorious in your married life

E quality of both partners.

  • For a proper relationship with the Church remember the four `B's: Bricks, Birds, Bees and Butterflies.

Don't be a brick (cold and unrelated to the other bricks), or a bird (flocking with your own kind,) or a bee (that stings with criticism and anger) Be a butterfly (that draws nectar, distributes life giving pollen and gives joy to others)

The Missions were an enriching experience, for which we thank Fr. Gerard and his team.

As if a heroic life of a Missionary (Being arrested, tortured and imprisoned) wasn't enough, Fr. Avon touched our heart strings when, after exposing the Blessed Sacrament he lay prostrate on the ground in adoration for several minutes.

May God bless him and his works.

Cres D'Souza


News Item Konkani Recollection


20th March 6 Tarker Aitara Dis, Kristi Jivit Somundien (CLC), Konkannint Ek Recolection Manddun Haddlelen. Skallim 10.15 Thavn,Donpanram 1;15 Porian Hem Recolection Choloun Velem. Ho Dis Povitr Pustokacho Aitar (Bible-Sunday) Zaun Asullo Dekun, Fr. Addolfan, Povitr Pustok, Soglleanchea Somor Ugto Korun Dovorlo, Ani Povitr Pustok Vo Devachea Uttra Vixim Prostavon Dilem. Uprant Recolectionacho Sondex Ghetlo, Mk: 1:15, "Kall Bhorlo Ani Devacje, Raj Lagim Pavlam. Mon Bodlat Ani Bori Khobor Sotmanat" Hea Sondexacho Ekuch Hetu Zaun Asullo, Hea Prachit Kallant Ami Sompoornn Thoran Jezuchea Ut'tram Pormannem Amchem Jivit Porivorton Korchek. Hea Khatir Povitr Pustokantlem Ek Sobit't Kuttumbik Ghoddit Luke:10:38-42, "Jezu, Mori Ani Martachea Ghora Veta, " Ho Vixoi Gheun, Kuttumbik Jivitache Odhik Mohotvachea Ud'dexa Voir, Dev, Monxechea Jivita Thaun Kitem Axeta? Hem Som'zonn Kannghevn, Prosnnam Udexim, Devachea Ut'trannchim Gunddai Sodun Kaddunk, Hazir Aslelea Modem Veg-Veglle Zome Korn (Group Sharing) Vanttun Ghetlem. Hea Vanttun Ghetlelea Prosnnachi Zovab Oxi Mel'lli Ki, "Dev Boro, Monis Kitle', Pautt Devak Patt Korun Patak Korit Tori, Dev Sodach Bhogxita, Ani Apnna Sorxim Haddunk Chinta."

Hea Vixim, Hazir Aslelea Sobdanchea Munniareanim (Word Minister's) Bho'nn Leenan Ani Bhav Joseph Hannim Bov Gunddien Xikounn Dili.

Hem Recolcetion Manddun Haddlelea Aloysius D'souza Hannem.

Aloysius D'Souza (CLC)


Parish General Programmes for the year 2011

Sunday 20th Saturday 26th March Parish Missions (NOA*)
Sunday 3rd April Parish Recollection  4.30 - 8.30 p.m. (NOA)
Sunday 1st May Harmony (Divine Mercy Sunday)
Sunday 29th May Touched by the Lord  (NOA)
Sunday 5th June SCC Animators Picnic
Friday 1st July Sacred Heart feast (NOA)
Sunday 2nd October Pilgrimage
Thursday 6th October Togetherness day (NOA)
Saturday 3rd Decemebr 5.00 p.m. Confirmation
Sunday 6th November Talent Fest (NOA)
Saturday 7th January  5.00 p.m. First Holy Communion
Sunday 8th January 2012 Parish Feast (Mass & Fiesta) (NOA)
NOA = No other activities

World Sparrow Day


The Eco Club of our Parish celebrated World Sparrow Day on March 20th. Mr. Biju Augustine and Mrs. Luna Murzello conducted a sparrow colouring competition and making of bird feeders for the children. There was a talk on the need of preserving sparrows whose population is declining due to loss of habitat and food and water. Mr. Salim Ali the birdman of India was remembered: we planted a sapling of `Singapore Cherry' which draws birds and put up name boards of trees provided by United Way.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J.






Try out this simple Lenten quiz :-

1. For how many pieces of silver did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus?

2. What does Gethsemane mean?

3. What colour was the cloak that Jesus wore when he went to the cross?

4. Who helped Jesus carry his cross?

5. Who rolled away the stone from the mouth of the grave in which Jesus had been placed?

6. Why do we receive ashes on Ash Wednesday?

7. What is the Triduum?

8. How is the date of Easter determined?

9. With which Jewish festival is Easter coincident?

10. What is celebrated 50 days after Easter?


Marietta Azavedo




A little girl was sitting on her grandfather's lap as he read her a bedtime story. From time to time, she would take her eyes off the book and reach up to touch his wrinkled cheek. She was alternately stroking her own cheek, then his again. Finally she spoke up, "Grandpa, did God make you?"

"Yes, dear," he answered, "God made me a long time ago."

"Oh," she paused, "Grandpa, did God make me too?"

"Yes, indeed, honey," he said, "God made you just a little while ago."

Feeling their respective faces again, she observed, "God's getting better at it, isn't he?"

] ] ] ] ]

A tour guide was showing a group of Americans around a church in Ireland. "And here is the skull of
St. Patrick."

One of the tourists challenged him, "You showed us St. Patrick's skull in another church yesterday!"

"Ah yes," the guide answered, "but that was his skull when he was a little lad."



Date Name Parents Place  
30-January Reanne Fernandes Joseph & Rosy Charat Singh Colony
06-February Amaira Davina Monteiro Allwyn Sunaina Chakala
06-February Tanya Galbao Rubin & Bhumica J.B.Nagar
06-February Gavin Rodrigues Gilbert & Josephine Tarun Bharat
06-February Justin Cardoz John & Jessica Tarun Bharat
20-February Ayan D'Souza Ronney & Shahina Borivli (W)
20-February Seyon Castellino Nicholas & Sophie Bamanwada Hill
20-February Clerissa D'Souza Langnar Constance & Rima J.B.Nagar
27-February Ivan D'Souza Isidore & Escolastica Telli Gully
27-February Eden D'Souza Isidore & Escolastica Telli Gully
27-February Elisha D'Cruz Rocky & Leema Bamanwada Hill
27-February Keon Murzello Greg & Veronica Wadala Village
06-March Kevina Maliyakal Polly & Jessy J.B.Nagar
06-March Nathan Jaden Pereira Cletus & Diana J.B.Nagar
10-April Shaun D'Souza Stephen & Smita J.B.Nagar
10-April Gwen Fernandes Max & Umalina Bamanwada


Date Couple  
05-February Norbert D'Souza & Genevia Lobo
13-February John Fernandes & Glynis Fernandes
24-February Robin D'Souza & Ritika D'Souza
26-February Augustine John Rodrigues & Placy Fernandes


Date Name Place Age  
29-January Freddy D'Souza Gundowli 41 years
17-February Valerian D'Souza Charat Singh Colony 60 years
02-March Doris Remedios Charat Singh Colony 70 years
07-March Eveline Quadros Tarun Bharat 76 years
08-March Natalia Michael Henriques Gundowli 75 years
15-March Alice Pinto J. B. Nagar 86 years
24-March Flynn Fernandes Kajuwadi 1 year 11 months
09-April Roland Syney Menezes Chakala 60 years


  Executive Editor : Fr. Leo Soares S.J.
  Editorial Team : Sr. Alice Serrao, Maria Jain, Colette D'Souza
& Marietta Azavedo
  Layout & Design : Bindu Arts, Mumbai - 400 072.
  Publisher : Parish Priest, Holy Family Church


May - June 2011



The summer is over with its heat but we still have summer with the rains. Rains welcome. The rains provide us with the much needed water without which life would not be possible.June is the beginning of the new academic year for our students. We wish them a happy and enriching new academic year. June is the month when we celebrate a lot of Church feasts on the 24th is the feast of St. John the Baptist, on the 26th is the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ., on the 19th is the feast of Pentecost and on the 1st of July is the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We have chosen as the saint of the month,


St. Aloysius Gonzaga, a young Jesuit who is the patron of the youth. His feast is on the 21st of June. With so many feasts, we have a horde of heavenly hosts to remind us of our destination in life as well as count on them to intercede for us.

Of course, our constant prayer will be: Come Holy Spirit. The Spirit is capable of transforming our lives with His gifts of wisdom, awe and wonder, counsel, understanding, fortitude, knowledge, love and fear of the Lord. And we will show in our lives the fruits of the Spirit love, joy, peace, patience, kindness , goodness, faithfulness, humility and self control. With the rains and the Spirit, may we become channels of new life.




International  Women's Day, of which the Centenary fell on the 8th March 2011, was celebrated by the Ashankur Women's Group on the 9th March with great enthusiasm. A sizeable group of some two hundred women from neighbouring areas brightened the Ashankur Hall in their full finery and made the place reverberate with their full-throated slogans on women's empowerment. A graceful prayer dance inaugurated the proceedings and colourful cultural items followed-poems, songs and a couple of street-plays. Our Social Workers, Merlyn, Kalpana and Indumati, compered the programme admirably, welcoming the guests and briefing them on the background and significance of International Women's Day and on the activities and


programmes of Ashankur Holy Family Welfare Centre. The invitees included activists from sister NGOs with which Ashankur networks on a range of issues in the area of social awareness and involvement. Smt. Devshala Giri was the Resource Person invited to speak on the theme of "Women's Struggle against Inflation and Corruption".  As is the custom with Ashankur, this year too, a special effort was made to focus on a serious issue impacting the daily lives of women and their families while giving the ladies scope to express their talents, act, re-act, inter-act and generally have a good time. Stree  Mukti  ki  Jay! 10th March 2011.

Lionel  Fernandes.




The beginning of the Academic Year is a stressful yet exciting time for our boys and girls, and of course, for their parents. Symbolically, it comes at a time when the monsoons are upon us with their "showers of blessing" for a fresh start. The time is stressful for the obvious reason that before the results there is gnawing anxiety as to "whether I will pass or fail and with what percentage". After the results, the mad rush for admissions and the choice of subjects for the next academic stage keep the pulses racing. A huge challenge to the older generation is to help gen-next cope with the stress and come out on top!

This is the time for serious pro-active counselling, so that none of our precious youngsters reaches for the rope and ceiling fan or jumps off a balcony! Life is too precious for that! What is a miserable mark-sheet


in comparison to it? Time to take the pressures off our young men and women who are our future, our everything! Time for major inputs on self-discovery and confidence-building. Nobody should have to choose a course she is not convinced of or comfortable with. Parents, take note!  Gen-next must be cautioned against peer-group pressure and the herd-instinct! Each one should be in a position to say: "These are my qualities,capabilities and ambitions…. and I will work on them come what may!"

Here is where aptitude tests, if properly conducted, can be of great help. So can career-guidance and friendly one-on-one counselling. Nowadays, education fairs are conducted regularly and offer a menu of options to choose from. So, BRAVO, Gen-next! ......Way to go!!! 28th May 2011.

Lionel  Fernandes.




Born in 1568 and died in 1591 Patron of Youth

Aloysius is remembered by many who read his life for his striving after perfection and his purity of life. I wish to be dissolved with Christ were his last words. He had a great attraction to prayer from early childhood. Prayer and fasting were his weapons against immoral forces and a way of uniting himself with the passion and death of Christ. St. Robert Bellarmine was his spiritual director at the Roman college. Though Robert was a holy man and a great theologian, he considered himself the spiritual disciple of the much younger


Gonzaga ! He was a young Jesuit training for the priesthood.

He spurned money,power and pomp to serve the poor, suffering and humble Christ- that was enough to canonize him !He spurned honours and pride which came his way as a nobleman to follow the poor and humble Christ and to serve his sick and suffering brothers and sisters. No wonder Aloysius has been held aloft by the church as the model and patron of youth.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J.




Born in 1568 and died in 1591 Patron of Youth

Summer Fun Camp, the most awaited and popular programme among the children of Holy Family Parish, was held once again this summer vacation 2011. This year's theme was C.L.I.C. which stood for Care, Love, Integrity and Commitment. These were also the group names.

The camp conducted by the Parish Youth Council (PYC) was for 9 days. On the first day we had warm up games to encourage and build enthusiasm among the children. Every day we played a lot of Tele Games. There was tough competition as all teams played very well. Each day we added colour to the programme by all of us dressing in similar colour clothes as instructed by the animators. Our youth volunteers also took good


care of us and always encouraged us even if we lost any game, they were always there for us. The time spent was a memorable one, also because of Fr. Gerard and his Any Time- Fun Time commentary all along.

On the last day we had a small programme where we danced, sang and had loads of fun with all of us taking a small gift home. This fun and enjoyment would not have been possible without the volunteers, the PYC and of course Fr. Gerard. Huge thanks to all of them on behalf of all the children and of course we are eagerly waiting for the next one. And for all the kids who missed it this year...hope to see you next year.

Leandra Silvera (Chakala)


Family Guide to Oral Health


Born in 1568 and died in 1591 Patron of Youth

Mother  Teresa once said `Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing'. A smile is a gift given by God to each one of us to express ourselves. It is of importance to our personality and to our well being. A smile is a reflection of our oral health.

Four point approach to a Healthy set of teeth :

1.    Brush your teeth regularly : Brush your teeth using a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day in the morning and last thing before going to bed. Each tooth has 4 sides and the top surface. All sides as well as the top need to be brushed. Brush from the inside and the outside so that no teeth are left out, Brush the top part of the teeth. Also remember to clean your tongue.

2.    Floss your teeth regularly : Dental floss is available at the local chemist. Pull 18 inches to 24 inches  of dental floss from the dispenser and wrap the ends around your middle fingers. Hold the floss tightly against each tooth. Move the floss away from the gum, gently rubbing the floss up and down against the side of the tooth.


3.    Get your share of fluoride : Fluoride fights cavities and must be used by all family members young and old alike. Fluoride helps to repair the enamel of the teeth and prevent tooth decay.  It can also stop the decay process. Decay is caused by acids produced in dental plaque. The simplest source of fluoride is to use a tooth paste containing fluoride.

4.  Visiting the dentist regularly and taking his /her advice : It is important to visit your family dentist regularly and check your teeth. An early detection can prevent much pain and damage.

Our teeth are very important parts of our body which we often neglect. The health of our teeth determine our eating habits and our health. It is amazing how following a few tips can protect these God given pearls till our old age and help us to enjoy the various foods that we like to eat.

Dr. Lynette is a Dental Surgeon. For queries on Oral Hygiene, do feel free to write to her at


Silence: More Eloquent Than Words.


"Silence is all I need to sing your praise" words of a well loved hymn. But do we really mean it? If we did, we would probably refrain from belting out the words of the hymn with such gusto and volume! For most of us silence is scary; hence the I- Pod, MP-3 and other gadgets which help to banish silence. And yet, the in words of the Psalmist we are told: "Be still and know that I am God" (Ps:46:10) And prophet Elijah discovered that God was not to be found in tumultuous earth-quakes and roaring winds, but in the "Sound of Sheer silence"

(I Ki: 19:12).In keeping with this truth (and in union with the Universal Church) the Archdiocese of Bombay has directed that during the celebration of the Eucharist the following "five moments of silence" be maintained in order to nurture and enhance the contemplative dimension of the Liturgy.
i) Before the `I Confess' to enable people to recall their sins and be sorry for them.

ii) A minute of silence after the first reading to ponder on the Word of God

iii) A minute of silence after the second reading (on Sundays) to ponder on the Word of God

iv) A couple of minutes silence after the homily to help us reflect on it.

v) Some minutes of silence immediately after distribution of communion until the

Post-communion prayers (to help deepen our union with the Eucharistic Lord)

These sacred silences will be introduced and observed in our Parish hence forth. While this may lengthen the duration of the Mass by a few minutes, it will be time well spent if we utilise these moments to deepen our relationship with God and our neighbor.

Cres D'Souza



  Church Bulletin Bloopers :-
  1. Don't let worry kill you off - let the church help.
  2. The peacemaking meeting scheduled for today has been cancelled due to a conflict.
  3. Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person you want remembered.

  It's so fashionable nowadays to blame all our woes on `global warming'. Even so, can we as individuals help slow down this occurrence? Of course, we can! A clean and healthy environment is, after all, an essential part of the quality of life we desire for ourselves and our COMMUNITY, at large.  


The fiery breath of summer blows across the land
Ruthlessly searing every beast and man,
The soothing touch of rain is what we need
Oh God, when will You our prayers heed!

Finally, a rumble in the distance
A flash of lightening, a roar of thunder,
The wait is over, the skies torn asunder,
The sun has lost its edge, the rains have left a haze.

Wonderful rains, life-giving and invigorating,
Pour on abundantly on our surroundings,
Lay out a lush green carpet all around
Let us soak in your coolness, let your freshness abound.

The rain is now frequent and strong
Rustling up storms and bringing down trees,
Potholes, traffic jams, muck…….. yuck,
When will our misery ease, can we have some sunshine please?

Marietta Azavedo



Now that we are on the topic of environment, let's test your knowledge about Biblical trees and fruits :- In the Bible certain trees and fruits are mentioned. Which among these are not found in the Bible?

1. Sycamore tree 2. Vine 3. Palm
4. Olive 5. Poplar 6. Cedar
7. Bramble 8. Gum 9. Oak
10. Mango 11. Coconut palm 12. Almond
13. Grapes 14 Figs 15. Oranges
16. Evergreen 17. Pineapple 18. Pomegranate
19. Banana 20. Guava  


Date Name Parents Place  
17-April Samaira Gonsalves Cletus & Marina Chakala
24-April Lareina Edward D'Souza Edward & Lorna Gundowli Hill
24-April Tiann D'Costa Angelo & Tina Chakala
24-April Chetna Dangi Virendra & Kamalesh Koldongri
24-April Kirti Chavan Narayan & Ujwala Diva (E)
24-April Vinod Suresh Panchbotla Suresh & Sushila Chakala
24-April Kiran Uchil Narayan & Jayashree Charath Singh
24-April Vikas Poojary Annappa & Baby Andheri
24-April Leena Fernandes Gangaram & Laxmi Nizaamabad
24-April Jagdish Bhandari Chandmal & Suraj Chakala
24-April Melisa D'Souza Alex & Vijayashanti Bamanwada
24-April Maria D'Souza Alex & Vijyashanti Bamanwada
24-April Vijaya Shanti Haridass & Suclochana Bamanwada
24-April Neeta Kashinath Jadhav Kashinath & Kalpana Jogeshwari (E)
24-April Rose Fonseca Mohd. Sharif & Romia Mahakali
24-April Ramia Fonseca Laxman & Rani Sharma Mahakali
01-May Simona Dinara D'Almeida Ravi Satish & Reena Parsiwada


Date Couple  
25-April Melvin Ronald Tauro & Sharel Felcita
28-April Vinod Panchbotla & Regina D'Souza
30-April Roanld Fernandes & Ruby D'Souza
14-May Roy Anthony D'Lima & Sharon Christaline
15-May Roosevelt Sunil D'Souza & Sherika Snehal


Date Name Place Age  
07-May Augustine Thangaray Chakala 77 years
09-May Louiza G. Gonsalves Chakala 55 years
11-May Lydia D'Penha Gundowli 76 years
24-May Richard Coutinho Koldongri 60 years
25-May Lizzie Henriques Gundowli 89 years
29-May Serulus J. Pereira Telligully 79 years
30-May Gregory Joseph D'Mello Chakala 60 years


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  Editorial Team : Sr. Alice Serrao, Maria Jain, Colette D'Souza
& Marietta Azavedo
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July - August 2011



15th August 1947, is a red letter day for the people of India. India became on that day an independent country and later chose to become a democratic, secular, socialist country. But after 63 years have those promises become a reality? Many of our people do not have access to a good education, health services and the basic necessities of life.

In this issue we will read about women and freedom, the spiritual freedom of Mother Mary, the need to be free from the curse of graft or corruption so that we can be indeed free or more free!


In the ensuing gloom, we have people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Anna Hazare and many not so famous people who provide a silver lining to dark clouds and can be role models to all of us. We have a historic tit bit of our parish besides the usual items like Saint of the month - this time it's on John the Baptist, the Bible quiz and list of those recently born, married and who have gone before us. We pray for showers of blessings on our countrymen and our parishioners.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J.




The heavenly birthday of St. John the Baptist falls on 29th August, when he was beheaded by Herod. The feast days of saints are the days of their death. There are only three birthdays celebrated by the Church ie. that of Jesus, His Mother Mary and that of John the Baptist on June 24th.

The account of his birth is found in the gospel of Luke ch: 1:57-66 and of his death in Mathew 14:1-12 and Mark 6:14-29. It is a sordid tale of lust and revenge of man’s weakness and courage. Anyone reading it will be touched. But we need to see how this drama is being played out today and stand up and be counted  as Christians who profess  their faith in Jesus Christ and in the truth.


Jesus’ comment in Luke 7:28 is worth reflecting upon: “John is greater than anyone who has ever loved. But the one who is least in the Kingdom of God is greater than John.”

Herod and Herodias are both the victims of lust. While Herod is reduced to a person who is prey to alcohol and false pride, Herodias shows us how a woman who is jealous and revengeful goes to any length to get back at the people who are an obstacle in her path. The gruesome killing of John the Baptist reminds us of the cost of discipleship and of honest people today paying the price of their own woes for the sake of truth and justice. We might not be the staff martyrs are made of but we can pray and support just causes, join movements for freedom, peace, justice, love and truth.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J.




Chakala and Gundowli were two obscure villages, virtually unheard of except for the wonderful paddy fields, lush greenery, pretty cottages. Plenty of open spaces and many crosses at various spots which would be adorned with flowers during the month of May and October with the recitation of the Rosary, followed by piping hot boiled grams, raspberry drink for the children and a chowni (kimmad) specially for the older people to quench their parched throats.

In these humble beginnings was born the parish of Holy Family. One cannot forget the selfless sacrifice of the Gonsalves family who so spontaneously donated acres of land for the church, cemetery and the old school building to the first Parish Priest the late Fr. Alfred Tillo sj seeking no monetary benefit in return.


One cannot forget the hard work and zealous efforts put in by his various  successors namely Fr. Franics Ribot sj, Fr. Denzil Keatings sj, Fr. Fred Britto sj and lastly Fr. Hyacinth Jimmnez sj who with the able guidance of the late Fr. Joseph Carsi sj (eminent architect) who designed this beautiful structure we call ‘Holy Family Church’.

However, recently all this scenic beauty has almost vanished in thin air overnight and what one sees now has changed to high rise towers and the Metro Rail, and various commercial & residential spaces putting Chakala & Gundwoli on a high road map given its close proximity to the  proposed Metro station, Suburban Rail head and International Airport.

Mr. Dunstan Nunes




Mumbai, the country's financial hub, which overshot the capital in per capita income this year, cannot boast of any achievement where its women are concerned. Mumbai seems to prefer its men to women in all age categories, according to the provisional Census 2011 figures. Mumbai's per capita income is currently  a healthy Rs 1.25 lakh, but it has emerged as the worst performer in Maharashtra in terms of its male-female balance, with only 838 women per 1,000 men. Maharashtra’s average is 922 women per  1000 men. This declining ratio is true of large parts of India. This is due to the widespread prevalence of female foeticide and female infanticide.  We read stories everyday in the newspapers of baby girls being abandoned in hospitals, at railway stations and in garbage dumps. Is this how we treat our women and children in a country where we say “Bharat Mata ki Jai”?  Where is the so called freedom when a child is denied the freedom to be born, the freedom to live?


Girl children are considered a burden in many communities – boys earn while girls are a financial burden. But girls are second to none. If treated on par with boys at home, if she is given a good education and all the support and encouragement she needs to blossom and grow, she can conquer the world. Girl children who are nurtured, encouraged and given freedom to make their choices grow into successful people in various walks of life. Today, we see women heading large organisations, women successful in sports like Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal, women excelling in the field of research, medicine and administration. Let us give our daughters, wives and sisters the freedom to be the person the Lord chose them to be. And the world will certainly be a better place.

Maria Jain




15th August 1947. India was born free. But are we free - both you and me? The tri-colour, it flutters on high while we here below both cry and sigh!

The 15th of August happily coincides with the feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother into heaven. Independence  Day spells FREEDOM which has various  connotations for us Indians, but can we try and equate this freedom with spiritual freedom keeping in mind the Assumption of Our Lady when she left the shackles of this earth and was assumed into heaven amidst the acclaim of the angels and saints?

  • Yes  it was as to say - our heavenly mother was relieved of her burden of pain and sorrow on earth.

  • She knew what her beloved Son was to undergo-the pain & suffering and accepted the will of God with a calm  resignation and was transported to heaven body & soul.... This was her reward!

  • Our life certainly on this earth, inspite of the so called “freedom” is not a bed of roses - joy & sorrow, pain & gain, fame & shame, prosperity & adversity etc. is the name of the game. But the example of our blessed Mother teaches us to withstand everything & surrender ourselves to the will of God which must mean Spiritual Freedom – the Assumption transcends earthly bonds uplifting our Blessed Mother unto the realms of Heaven – how beautiful! How blessed!

  • What cue can we take from this fourth Glorious mystery?
Yes, worries, troubles, difficulties are bound to come our way, they are a part and parcel of life, but we should not be moved….. we can expect FREEDOM from all this by having recourse to prayer. Instead of losing our cool and playing the ‘blame game’ and making our lives more miserable and vulnerable, let us raise our voices in prayer with a sense of resignation to the will of God. Spiritual freedom can be enjoyed through prayer- which acts as a pulley to draw us closer to God – who will either grant us our supplication or help us  to accept the eventualities as the case may be… very often our God does not answer our prayers the way we want it but rather the way HE wants to...... blessings in disguise,  we must have the eyes to see it and a heart to accept “THY WILL BE DONE”.

Colette D’Souza


(from the TOI Aug. 13th 2011)


Young Urban Indians are upbeat about their freedom and see corruption as the most serious threat to it. That’s the finding from an eight city survey done exclusively for TOI days before the country celebrates the 64th anniversary of Independence.

Which of these do you think is the biggest threat to freedom in India?



It’s perhaps a generation thing that the freedom most valued by the youth is the right to work and live anywhere rather than free speech, the right to vote or to follow one’s religion. It might indicate that the latter are all taken as given. While Sachin Tendulkar, Anna Hazare and Shahrukh Khan were in that order considered their role models.

Contributed by Fr. Leo Soares S.J.




  • Sunday 4th Sept. : We celebrate Teachers Day at the 9.30a.m. Mass. All teachers and ex-teachers of any school or college are welcome to participate in the special liturgy followed by a short programme.

  • Sunday 2nd Oct. : We go as a Parish on a walking pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine at Irla. Please join us at 6.30 a.m. on that day in the Church Compound.

  • Thursday 6th Oct.:  It is “Togetherness Day” we  come together in our clusters to pray and celebrate and common faith that helps us overcome our divisions



Now that we are on the topic of environment, let's test your knowledge about Biblical trees and fruits :- In the Bible certain trees and fruits are mentioned. Which among these are not found in the Bible?

1. SingSee 2. OxDues 3. RubMenS
4. SoJuha 5. JugSed 6. Hurt
7. ArmsSp 8. TitoB 9. RoutedMoney
10. Stac 11. ArmK 12. HisAia
13. LineAd 14 OnJah 15. ManRos
16. ReepT 17. SuitT 18. PhoneLim

Marietta Azavedo



Date Name Parents Place  
05-June Krystine Mendonca Allwyn & Kavita Flavia Tarun Bharat
05-June Aldyn Aston Lobo Mervin Richard & Lynne Monica Andheri(E)
12-June Othaniel George Mendonca Vishal & Neethu MIDC
12-June Craig D'Souza Rodney & Sophia Chakala
12-June Caleb D'Souza Rodney & Sophia Chakala
10-July Matthias Deliwala Manoj & Gladys Bhyander


Date Couple  
02-July Alfred Jacob & Sagayamary Thomas


Date Name Place Age  
01-June Luizina Periera Dewalwadi 77 years
02-June Anthony John Conceicao Kajuwadi 80 years
14-June Edward B. Rodrigues Dewalwadi 57 years
28-June Cyril Rebello Chakala 72 years
12-July Vincent Pereira Charath Singh I 51 years
28-July Cecilia Pinto J.B.Nagar 75 years
31-July Walter D'Souza Parsiwada 80 years
17-Aug. Carmin D'Costa Gundowli Village 74 years
17-Aug. Philomena D'Souza Kajuwadi 75 years


  Executive Editor : Fr. Leo Soares S.J.
  Editorial Team : Sr. Alice Serrao, Maria Jain, Colette D'Souza
& Marietta Azavedo
  Layout & Design : Bindu Arts, Mumbai - 400 072.
  Publisher : Parish Priest, Holy Family Church


Sept - Oct 2011



This issue of Family Khabar has as its theme very appropriately, 'The Season of Festivals'. Besides this time being a season of feasts, isn't life itself a feast?

We need a feast atmosphere to remind ourselves that God gave us life because He loves us and has a mission for each one of us. We rob ourselves of the joy God and life offers us. The articles in this issue remind us of that cause to celebrate life. We have Maria Jain telling us that festivals are not only an occasion to enjoy ourselves but to bond together.


Larissa who attended the World Youth Day celebrations in Madrid, Spain brings us an account of the joyous happenings that took place there. Dunstan Nunes enlightens us on the Eucharist being a wedding banquet to which we are all invited. Do we go appropriately dressed and prepared for it? Sr. Alice gives us an inspiring account of the chosen saint of the month – St. Theresa  of the Child Jesus. She was a child at heart and prayed for the work of the missionaries from her cloistered convent. Here’s wishing you happy reading of this issue  of  Family Khabar.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J.



(A) ccepts you as you are
(B) elieves in ‘you’
(C) alls you just to say “Hi”
(D) oesn’t  give up on you
(E) nvisions the whole of you
(F) orgives your mistakes
(G) ives unconditionally
(H) elps you
(I) nvites you over
(J) ust likes to be with you
(K) eeps you close at heart
(L) oves you for who you are
(M) akes a difference in your life
(N) ever judges
(O) ffers support
(P) icks you up
(Q) uiets your fears
(R) aises your spirits
(S) ays nice things about you
(T) ells you the truth when you need to hear it
(U) nderstands you
(V) alues you
(W) alks beside you
(X) –plains things you don’t understand
(Y) ells when you won’t listen
(Z) aps you back to reality



A lot of what we think and believe is dictated to us by the influential media- the newspapers, TV channels and magazines, but is all of it true? Indeed is most of it relevant?

That we treat women poorly in India is well known. Reality is a reflection of how women are portrayed in our films, serials and commercials like objects.

Breaking news is another misused line.

Then there is sensationalism. Serious issues of corruption face the nation. Various social activists are protesting. But what is important to the media is what a particular baba was doing or not doing. That is so important!

While we all like our daily fix of gossip and entertainment this should not be disguised as news. And why doesn't good news get the same coverage as bad news? Sania Nehwal winning international tournaments is not important but Sania Mirza marrying a Pakistani cricketer is.


And our reality shows are pathetic. So Hritik Roshan is someone’s god of dance. Not mine. My God does more important things than shake a leg. In these shows singing is lip synched, emotions are acted out and the tears are faked. The media will not spare even the kids. Take Tom and Jerry for instance. If you put a cat inside a tube he will not become long and tubular. If you hammer him on the head he won't become flat. He will become a mess and die but before that he may scratch you quite painfully. So friends, especially children, it is for us to filter the content in our head. Nobody else is going to do it for us. Let us look upto Narayan Murthy, Vishwanathan Anand and Chanda Kocchar as idols not Shahrukh Khan and Katrina. We need real role models not samples promoted by a media desperately trying to increase their TRPs. Got the idea? Now get smart!

The good news according to Star TV is not good. It may not even be news. Remember what is preached by the media is not the gospel truth.

Roshan D’Souza




Magis 2011 was an experience designed around the life of St. Ignatius who always believed in working  “For the Greater Glory of God”. It was a 16 day journey lived by youth from all over the globe, that started on the 5th of August, 2011.  Excitement, noise, fun and flags of various countries all over the place was an amazing sight to watch. The first three days of Ignatian encounter at Loyola introduced us to the life and works of the Saint, closely. Simultaneously, the spirit worked very well among the youth helping us to overlook our nationalities, colours, origin and age, working together towards one motto, “For the Greater Glory of God”. Three days of Ignatian experience filled with prayers, programmes and cultural activities brought us so close that parting ways for our various experiences spread over Spain and Portugal, became difficult.


The reunion in Madrid for the World Youth Day(WYD)  on the 15th of August witnessed even more powerful and confident youth after 7 days of prayer and reflection. Encountering a protest against the Pope and the WYD, with a few of my friends, made me an even stronger Catholic and created a desire within me to learn more about my faith in order to defend and protect it like a loyal soldier in battle. Getting a glimpse of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI brought a smile on every face and true joy in our hearts.

We, the Youth, started this journey with curiosity, excitement and questions, and returned home with peace, true joy and contentment in our hearts because we worked ‘with Christ at the Heart of the World’.

Larissa Krishnan




We are in the season of festivals. The festival season began in August with Janmashtami and Raksha Bandhan. Then came Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi  which is celebrated with much fervour for 10 days in Maharashtra.  We also had Onam, the grand festival of the Keralites and the Mangalorean harvest festival. Soon Navratri culminating in Dusshera will be here which is enjoyed with much fanfare and dancing  not only by the Gujarathis but by other communities as well. Then will come Diwali, the festival of lights. We Christians will soon enter advent where we will prepare for the coming of Christ into our homes and hearts at Christmas. Festivals bring on a spirit of happiness and good cheer. Petty squabbles and differences are   forgotten amongst family and friends as everyone gets together to celebrate and have a good time. Festivals also herald a spirit of hope,  of forgiveness.


Each festival reminds us of God and we move closer to him through the various prayers, rituals and practices. The bonhomie and togetherness at festival time takes away all anger and angst and the general joyous mood enables us to forgive the transgressions of others.

As we Christians enter advent,  let us look forward with a spirit of hope and trust. Let us make small changes in our lives bringing us closer to God.  We should try and spend more time in quiet communion with the Lord. Let us be more forgiving, more gentle, understanding and compassionate with our families, neighbours and friends.  And let our lives be a festive celebration of the presence of Jesus in our midst not just during this festive season but each day of the year.

Maria Jain




“I prefer the monotony of obscure sacrifice to all ecstasies. To pick up a pin for love can convert a soul.” These are the words of Theresa of the Child Jesus, a Carmelite nun who lived a cloistered life of obscurity in the convent of Lisieux, France. She entered a Carmelite convent at the age of fifteen. She died on September 30, 1897. She was just twenty-four when she died.  The world came to know her through her autobiography- The Story of A Soul.   She described her life as, "A little way of spiritual childhood." She lived each day with unshakable confidence in God's love. What matters in life is, "not great deeds, but great love."  St. Therese's "Little way" was practiced with humility, and submission. She lived as a cloistered Carmelite for less than ten years. She never went on missions, never founded a religious order, never performed great works.

She embraced sufferings in her quiet way. Her prayer life and total surrender made her  peaceful and serene.


Therese of Lisieux is one of the patron saints of the missions, not because she ever went anywhere, but because of her special love of the missions, and the prayers and letters she gave in support of missionaries. This is a reminder to all of us who feel we can do nothing, that it is the little things we do that keep God's kingdom growing.


Can I be a Saint in my day to day life?  There are many people around me. Can I be an Angel to them by uttering good words, helping the needy and those who are suffering in their sickness and so on. Can we take an example of St. Therese of the Child Jesus to live a simple life?

Sr.Alice Serrao U.F.S.




God is our King and He has arranged wedding banquets and calls each of us to come and dine but we are all pre-occupied either in personal work, business, socializing and other secular celebrations and thereby we totally ignore the call giving some flimsy reason or excuse.

In the Old Testament invitations were sent through Prophets. In the New Testaments invitations were carried out by Apostles. Today we have missionaries from across the globe spreading the good news to all the ends of the earth.


Therefore the Eucharist which is the focal point of our faith should be held in proper reverence and due respect. Unfortunately, many of us especially the youth are distracted, they stand outside indulging in unwanted gossip and the silent majority feels it is a privilege to step in at any part of the Mass thereby distracting and disturbing the sanctity of the celebrations.

May we who partake in the Daily Eucharist come one day to the Eternal Banquet in Paradise for all Eternity.

Dunstan Nunes




In a letter sent by Cardinal Oswald Gracias on the 25th of August, an announcement has been made that from September 8th 2011, the year will be dedicated to the Liturgy. A year of “Living Liturgy”, a liturgy that is vibrant and fully participative and a liturgy that leads on to a living of its message in grace. He ends the letter  by saying that Mother Mary lived the Liturgy. May she assist us to fully live it ourselves.

The main principles guiding the new translation were: fidelity to the Latin original, theological  precision, improved proclaimability, the use of inclusive language and going back to the biblical roots.


Thus in place of “and with you also” in response to the greeting “The Lord be with you”, we will say, “And with your spirit”. This is more biblical and reflects St. Paul’s greeting to his people. “Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault” comes back in the “I Confess”. The words of the Gloria are almost totally changed, the Nicene creed is to be used more frequently, Eucharistic Prayer I is changed a lot but the “Our Father” has remained the same. At Communion time we will go back to the biblical expression  “Lord I am not worthy that you enter under my roof”. We will be helped to respond to the changed prayers by appropriate means.

The new Missal comes into force from the start of Advent. Hope the changes will be for the better and for all.

Fr. Leo Soares S.J.



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