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Notices for this week
16th June 2019

JFC Teachers and Confirmation Animators will meet on 16th June at 9.30 am.

Sunday School and Confirmation begins on the 23rd June. Accordingly children's mass will be as usual at 8.30 am.

Both 34 Communion and 61 Confirmation students have registered for the sacraments in January 2020. Kindly check your name on the parish Notice Board.

Children wanting to receive 1st Communion in Jan 2021 must be registered on the 23rd June.

Parents of JFC especially the parents of children receiving their 1st Holy Communion are requested to attend the adult catechesis programme. This too will begin on the 23rd at the same time as the children's classes.

Friday the 21st June is the feast of St. Aloysious Gonzaga. Patron saint of the Youth. The 7.00 pm will be a blessing mass for our youth.

Sunday the 23rd is the Feast of Corpus Christi. Our Eucharistic Ministers will be re-commissioned at the 6.00 pm mass.

The holy family youth development programme will be launched on the 23rd June at a Eucharist in Vinayalaya.

The Family Feast of the Sacred Heart is on Friday the 28th of June. There will be a triduum and a feast concelebrated mass.

St. Paul's sisters will have a sale of Family Prayer Books next Sunday.

Mass Intentions :
Jun 20 Thu 7.30 am Months mind Mass of Evarist I. D'Souza
    7.00 pm 1st death anniv. Mass of Leo D'Souza
Jun 22 Sat 7.30 am 1st death anniv. Mass of Bela Fernandes
Jun 23 Sun 8.30 am Months mind Mass of Naresh Nath Tudu
    10.30 am Months mind Mass of Johny Fernandes

Security: Once again I remind you of the Security demanded on us by the Police. In fact every Sunday a Police is on duty in our Church and 2 parishioners had to be sent for a security briefing. Accordingly please help in identifying strangers especially those with bags and note that gates required to be closed by 9.30 pm