Notices for this week
24th September 2023
25th Sunday in Ordinary Times
  1. Next Sun, 1st October, our parish celebrates 'Togetherness Day' in all our 113 SCC Clusters. We request you and your entire family to join in this fellowship cluster programme. Our Cluster Animators will be visiting & spend some time with each of our parish families this Sunday.

  2. Since next Sunday, 1st October, is 'Togetherness day' we request you to avoid coming for the 6:00 p.m. Mass.

  3. Our 'Aagera Harvest Festival' Bilingual Mass will be held next Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

  4. On 2nd October evening, the PYC is organizing RAGA, a programme that includes a visit to a social center & followed by a time of sharing & fellowship. Kindly register on the google form posted on your zonal youth WhatsApp group.

  5. We will have the 'Blessing of Pets' on Mon, 2nd October at 5:00 pm on our Church Campus, followed by some Pet fellowship. Please get your pets along.

  6. IgKnighters - that is, the working youth of our parish, are organizing 'DÉJÀ VU', A reunion of all our parish senior youth between 22 to 35 years. Come and re-live memories and catch up with old friends with an evening of fun, fellowship and dinner on Sun, 8th October at the Ashankur Hall at 7.00 p.m. Kindly register at the parish office or through the link circulated on your WhatsApp Groups.

  7. Get to know about the benefits of microgreens and learn to grow them along with herbs and vegetables at home. Do visit ecozone today after all the morning masses to know more.

  1. During the pandemic, our Cardinal had dispensed us from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass. The dispensation from the obligation to participate at Sunday mass is now withdrawn. Those who deliberately fail in this obligation commit a grave sin.

  2. There will be a sale of Warli Art paintings after Mass. The proceeds will be used to repair the village Church at Savroli, Talasari.

Mass Intentions :
Wed Sep 27 7.30 am Months Mind of Conceisao Fernandes
Sun Oct 1 9.00 am First death anniversary of Silvai George Durai
    10.15 am First death anniversary of Simon Marian Gonsalves