Priests on Duty

The following PRIEST for your needs

Duties of "Priest on Duty"
  1. General Enquiry and General permission : For putting up posters/banners etc.
  2. Information, Confession or Counselling
  3. Blessing of a house/vehicle etc
  4. Sick call or Funeral (if Zone Priest would like to take the Funeral, he may request the Duty Priest)
  5. Signing Certificates etc
  6. Reception work..... when receptionist is not in

 Parish Priest 
Fr Vincent Vaz S.J.
 Priests on Duty (Weekdays) 
Mondays  :  Fr Errol Fernandes S.J. / Fr Vincent Vaz S.J.
Tuesdays  :  Fr James Francis S.J.
Wednesdays  :  Fr Robin Selwyn S.J.
Thursdays  :  Fr Vincent Vaz S.J. / Fr Errol Fernandes S.J.
Fridays  :  Fr Maurice Henriques S.J.
Saturdays  :  Fr Baptist Pinto S.J.
 Priests on Duty (Sundays) 
1st Sunday  :  Fr James Francis S.J.
2nd Sunday  :  Fr Maurice Henriques S.J.
3rd Sunday  :  Fr Baptist Pinto S.J.
4th Sunday  :  Fr Vincent Vaz S.J.
5th Sunday  :  Fr Robin Selwyn S.J.
Zonal Priest for :
  1. All the needs of the Zone members (unless a priest has been fixed for a particular job). Marriage papers, Aid, School applications, applications for aid to another Church, change of residence, letters of recommendation, etc.
  2. Zonal Meetings, programmes, welfare of zonal members, visiting your zone families regularly (best if you block a day a week for it).